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from its brother's contagion. They had no objection to its being inoculated, as I thought that method the most secure. It was accordingly inoculated from its brother, and had about twenty pustules, and passed very well through the small-pox; though on the two day preceding the eruption it was considerably disordered, to the no small anxiety both of the parents and myself. If infants have but little of the disease, they go through it well; but if they have much, which no practitioner can assure himself they will not, their powers of life are scarce sufficient to struggle with it, and the conflict dangerous. The assistance of the medical art, in this situation, extends not very far. After three years old, the danger of inoculating is but little. In several parts of London, and in populous manufacturing towns, where several families live in one house, when the contagion is prevalent, there then remains, in my opinion, no doubt of the expediency of inoculating even early; as the incurring some little degree of danger is justifiable, when a much greater is impending.