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In those countries, where inoculation has been most successful, where it is attended with little or no danger, where thousands are inoculated, and are hardly sick at all, in a word, throughout the East, the operators only enquire, whether the person is in full health.

The history of inoculation in Europe must convince any man, who does not wilfully shut his eyes against light, both of the inutility and danger of preparations; by shewing, in the several countries where inoculation has prevailed, how these preparations have been productive of untoward consequences, in proportion to the use that has been made of them; and how accidents are become less frequent, in proportion as preparations have been more simple, or quite laid aside.

In the first period of the London inoculations, great stress was laid upon preparation; the method was complicated and tedious, the patients were worse, and more of them died. But since preparation has been more disregarded, the disorder has been slighter, and fewer have been lost. I could quote some of the most eminent and successful inoculators, who wholly omit preparation, and some who openly declare against it.

Even in France it is visible that, within these five or six years, inoculation is become more successful, and is attended with fewer bad consequences, since less stress has been laid on long and severe preparation. Let those physicians, at Paris, who, practice inoculation, declare,