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whether it is not strictly true, that they have relaxed from the severity of their preparations; and whether inoculation is not now more prosperous in their hands, than it was some few years ago?

Give me leave here again to alledge what I have met with in my own practice. I may safely say, that those of my patients, who have fared best, have been such as had been no otherwise prepared than by stating or restoring their health; and when the disorder has been more violent, or has left any bad remains, it has constantly been in such as I had more or less prepared, according to rules.

Lastly, of all the cases where inoculation has proved mortal or dangerous, not one perhaps will be found upon enquiry, where the patient had not been previously prepared; and to the excessive care in this article, physicians themselves have often imputed their ill success. This being the result of all I have read or observed concerning inoculation, let the consequence be drawn; I think it cannot be favourable to the doctrine of preparation.

This doctrine has not only been laid aside or softened by physicians in their practice, but if you look into the works published from time to time both in England and France, you will find, that even in theory, the severity and importance of preparation is much less insisted on; and the latest writings come very near my opinion.