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sometime since inoculated a considerable number at Paris, and whom I frequently saw while he was in London. Two of the boys complained of a slight head-ach the day before the eruption; they all had variolous pustules; and the number among them amounted to one hundred and twenty-five, not quite eighteen to each. He who had most, had sixty, the least, two: the girl had only three. Though none of these, as I before mentioned, took any purging medicine, at the decline, or after the disease; they, nevertheless, continued perfectly well. In about twenty days from the punctures being made, not to mention here that each puncture generally became a variolous pustule, and maturated always before the rest, the external inflammation attendant on them had entirely subsided, and nothing remained on the punctured parts but a dry scale, which easily came off of itself.

I before mentioned, that in the first of the two above recited inoculations, the variolous matter was taken from the natural small-pox when in a watery state: in the second, the matter made use of was from the inoculated small-pox, when purulent. On November 24, twenty were inoculated under the same circumstances of diet, cool air, and every thing else; the variolous matter was that from inoculation, and in its perfectly concocted state. It was taken from the inside of the hand of a strong hard-skinned boy, where two or three pustules remained after they were dry. The matter was perfectly white, and as viscid as cream. I was desirous of being informed, whether