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the effects of this would be different from what had been first employed, either in the punctures or eruptions. Of this number, ten were boys, and ten girls. Fifteen of these had been twelve days without animal food, before the punctures were made; five were inoculated after only three days abstinence. They took no medicine, either preparatory, or during the course of the disease. Of these, one boy and one girl, though the punctures inflamed and were turgid, had no eruption; and when fresh punctures were made a fortnight after, they did not inflame, and were scarce visible the third day after they were made. The boy was one of those who had abstained three days only from animal food.

The other eighteen had variolous pustules. Five of the boys and two of the girls complained of head-ach and sickness of stomach before the eruption; the rest had no complaints. The number of pustules among them amounted to one thousand and twenty; not quite fifty-seven each. The greatest number either of them had was two hundred and sixty; the least had only two, exclusive of those occasioned by the punctures. Three had only four pustules each. He that had the greatest number, was not one of those who had been three days only from animal food. The pustules among these four amounted to two hundred and ninety-three; something more than seventy-three to each: though one of these had only four pustules. She who had most, had one hundred and sixty-eight.