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The whole eighteen went through the disease without any thing worthy of remark, except one of the boys, who had been three days only kept from animal food. Though he had ninety-three pustules, he became somewhat feverish two days after the maturation of the pustules. This was followed by a painful inflammatory swelling upon the shoulder, which disappeared intirely in a few days, upon the application of a common pultice, and taking some purges of infusion of sena.

The punctures of all those in the former inoculation dried away, as I before mentioned, in a few days after the maturation of the pustules; though the patients, some of them, took no purging medicine after the decline of the disease: but in the last inoculation, where matter highly concocted was employed, in four of the boys and three of the girls, the punctures remained turgid and red, after the variolous pustules were dried away. To these, and to these only some purges were given; during the taking of which, the punctures healed and scaled off. Neither of these, were of the number of those who had, prior to their being punctured, abstained three days only from animal food.

Of the seventy-four persons, whose histories I have here related, though inoculated with variolous matter in different states; though prepared in so different a manner; and a great many no otherwise prepared than by abstinence from animal food; not one of them was disordered enough, during the whole process, to occasion the lead anxiety for the event.