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Not one of them had, from the pustules being upon the eyelids or near them, their eyes closed a single day; none continued in bed an hour longer than they would have been in their best health. None of them had any tumour under the armpit, much less an abscess there, which in the former method of inoculating was too often seen. No plaster was used to any of them, as I had long since found it to answer no other purpose than to disguise the appearance of the punctures. As in a few of them, half a dozen perhaps, the punctures spread, and were sore about the time, or soon after the maturation, a pultice of bread and milk, answered effectually every purpose of outward application.

When it did not rain, or the weather was otherwise unfit, they were out every day, during the whole process, in a field near the infirmary where they were inoculated, where no other persons were admitted.

There did not happen to any of these, what I have sometimes observed in delicate adults and weakly children when under inoculation, viz. that after the febrile state has been over, and the eruption been complete, by keeping the patient cool, and not permitting them to continue in bed, the pustules have not proceeded towards maturation, but seemed at a stand. At the same time, the patient has been languid, restless, and attended with frequent vomitings. Under these circumstances, confinement in bed, somewhat warmer than in health, appropriated cordial

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