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medicines, wine whey, and, occasionally, if the bowels are lax, an anodyne, have been of great use. From this alteration of treatment these symptoms have gone off, and the pustules have then ripened kindly. When cases of this sort occur, which do not frequently, it is obvious to a sagacious practitioner, what ought to be done.

The greatest number of pustules that, in the three inoculations, either of the boys had on his face, was twenty-seven: two had twenty each; all the rest under that number. The greatest number upon the face of either of the girls was forty; another had thirty; a third twenty-nine; none of the others had twenty, many none at all; far the greatest number, fewer than ten.

Of the twenty last inoculated, where no preparatory purges were given, and where matter highly concocted was inserted, it was strikingly observable, not only to myself, but to some experienced physicians and others, who did me the honour of attending me during the course of these inquiries, that the pustules were larger, and maturated more perfectly than in the first inoculation. In both the former inoculations especially when either calomel or purges were given as preparatory, in many of the patients the matter scarce ripened perfectly; the pustules were small, watery and frequently dried away without maturating: but it. must be remembered, whatever might be the more powerful effect of variolous concocted matter, that to these last were given no preparatory purges.