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10 s. xii. AUG. 7, im] NOTES AND QUERIES.


Catalogue now ascribes the pseudonym of "Mary Pelham" to Dorothy Kilner (who was she ?). Unfortunately, the Museum has not sufficient editions to enable me to investigate the question as to whether " Mary " is the same as " M." Pelham (see 3 S. xii. 394). I have looked at ' The Parents' and Tutors' First Catechism,' by M. Pelham, author of ' The London Primer,' London, printed for Richard Phillips [1800?]. On the title the initial M. only is given. I cannot find ' The London Primer ' in the National Library Catalogue.

Other examples of pseudogyns are :

  • Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister,' by

Sarah Search, 1855 [i.e. Frederick Nolan (1784-1864), author of ' An Introduction to Chaldee Grammar,' 1821 : see H. p. 117, and 'M.E.B.']. Talabot (la Vicomtesse Eugenie de) [Alexis Eymery]. Clara Gazul [Prosper Merimee].

Pseudoinitialism. False initials, or not the initials of the author's name.

Examples : Z. [J. Mar. Deschamps]. Z. [Hannah More]. See also Major A***** under pseudotitlonym.

Pseudonym. A false or assumed name. G. Peignot (' Dictionnaire,' i. 136) says that sometimes pseudonyms are distinguished into allonyms or heteronyms and even cryptonyms. All these qualifications come to much about the same thing. But we can see by each word the difference there is between them.

Pseudoprenonym. Example : Theophile [M. P. Dutoit Membrini], 1764. Theophile is not one of the author's forenames.

Pseudotitlonym (see titlonym). False quality or title.

Examples : ' The Citizen of the World, or Letters from a Chinese Philosopher,' 1762 [Oliver Goldsmith : H. p. 3].

' Letters on the History of England,' from a nobleman [Oliver Goldsmith] to his son, 1764.

Major A*****, intended to designate Major Aubrey, a great whist player, but used by C. B. Coles : see H. p. 1, and Boase, ' M.E.B.,' vol. iv. col. 712.

'Tales of the Genii,' by Sir Charles Morrell [by Rev. James Ridley, see H. p. 59 : see also Lord Dundreary, H. p. 45].

' The Life of Hannah More,' by the Rev. Sir Archibald Macsarcasm, 1802 [W. Shaw, Rector of Chelvy, died 1831 : see H. p.*86].3 Un vieux soldat [A. Desjobet].


(To be concluded.)


THE following abstract of monumental'

inscriptions in one of the oldest Jewish.

burial-grounds in Kingston, Jamaica, may

be of sufficient interest for insertion in

N. & Q.'

The inscriptions were collected by me- before the great earthquake of 14 Jan., 1907, and possibly some of the monuments in the cemetery, which is situated at the south-east corner of North and Church Streets, may have been destroyed on that day. I cannot be certain of this, as I have. not since visited the cemetery.


1. Isaac Nunes Vaz, died 18 Oct., 1844, aged 27,

2. Jacob, son of Jacob Mendez Furtado, died 21 Dec., 1754, aged 2 years and 3 months.

3. Abraham, son of late Mordecay and Rebecca Lopez, born 24 Nov., 1753 ; died 18 Dec., 1758.

4. Isaac, son of Daniel and Rebecca Alveranga,. died 24 Jan., 1763.

5. Mr. Abraham Henri ques Quixano, died IT Sept., 1753, aged 32 years.

6. Mrs. Sarah Henriques Quixano, widow, died 27 Sept., 1777, aged 55 years.

7. Mr. Moses Waag, died 17 April, 1746, aged 33 years.

8. Mr. Isaac Mendes Feurtado, of the parish of Kingston, merchant, died 3 April, 1778, aged 84 years.

9. Mrs. Esther Mendes Feurtado, wife of Mr. Isaac Mendes Feurtado, died 26 April, 1742, aged 38 years.

10. Hazan Gabriel Moreno (reader), died 1738,

11. Abraham Pereira D'Azevedo, of Kingston,. merchant, died 15 Dec., 1721.

12. Rev. Samuell Gomez Silva, late reader of the Sinnagogue (sic) of Kingston, died 20 March,. 1762, aged 51 years.

13. Isaac Rodriques Nunes, died 1763, aged 37

14.' Abraham de Cordova, died 3 April, 1766.

15. Mr. Solomon Martins, late of Spanish Town, died 17 Oct., 1778, aged 55 years.

16. Ester de Isaac de Sollas, died Oct., 1778,. aged 62 years.

17. Rebecca N. Dacosta, died 1 April, 1861> aged 49 years.

18. Isaac Nunes Dacosta, died 18 Feb., 1845.

19. Judith, daughter of David and Rebecca Pereira Mendez, died 21 Dec., 1799, aged 4 years and 6 months.

20. David de Abraham Rodriques Dacosta, died April, 1752, aged 46 years.

21. Jacob Pereira, died 18 June, 1754, aged 50-

S ' David, son of Jahacob y Abigail Furtado,. died 2 March, 1722/3.

23. Isaac Lopez Laguna, died 1722, aged 22

7 24.' Isaac, son of Abraham Ledesura, died 28 May, 1731, aged 6 months.

25. Rachael, daughter of Abraham Atias feel- veira, died 30 May, 1745, aged 3 years.