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10 s. XIL AUG 21, 1909.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


ten^editions, and has held its own for 63 years against all competitors. The author's rights in it will be sold with the other properties. The following particulars of the editions are taken from the volumes belonging to Mr. T. W. Brogden of 1, New Court, in the Temple. Only one copy of the work, and that of the third edition (1849), is in the Library of the British Museum.

The title of the first edition, now a rare volume, is :

1. A Voice from Waterloo, being an abridged history of the battle, founded on authentic documents, official returns, and the combined testimony of eye-witnesses, illustrated by the plan and key, and embellished with portraits of the leading characters. By Serg.-Major E. Cotton, guide, Mont St. Jean. Facts are stubborn things. [Then follow four lines of verse.] Pub- lished by Edward Browne, Brussels 1846.

A facsimile of his signature is on p. 2 of the preface. This volume contained a few typographical inaccuracies.

2. A Voice from Waterloo, a history of the battle of the 18th June, 1815. By Sergeant- Major Cotton (of the 7th Hussars at Waterloo). Facts are stubborn things. A new edition, revised and considerably enlarged. . . .Printed for the author, and sold by him at Mont St. Jean ; sold also by Todd, Muquardt, and at the English reading-rooms, Brussels, 1847.

In a note to his preface he speaks of his " twelve years' residence on the spot, acting, as I have been, as the Waterloo Guide."

3. A Voice from Waterloo, a history of the battle fought on the 18th June, 1815, with a selection from the Wellington despatches .... By Sergeant-Major E. Cotton (late 7th Hussars). Facts are stubborn things. Third edition, revised and considerably enlarged. London, B. L. Green, 62, Paternoster-Bow. 1849. This was the first impression that had been put into the hands of a London pub- lisher. The work was much altered in style of writing.

4. A Voice from Waterloo, a history of the battle fought on the 18th June, 1815, with a selection from the Wellington dispatches. By Sergeant-Major Edward Cotton, late 7th Hussars, Facts are stubborn things. Fourth edition revised and enlarged. Printed for the author Mont St. Jean 1852.

5. A Voice from Waterloo [<fcc., as in 4th ed.] Fifth -edition, 1854.

Appended to this edition are six stanzas on Cotton's tomb at Hougomont and a plan o:' the battle-field.

6. A Voice from Waterloo [&c., as in 4th and 5th eds.]. Sixth edition. 1862.

An impression in French was publishec at Brussels in 1874.

7. A Voice from Waterloo [&c., as in 4th, 5th and 6th eds.]. Seventh edition. 1889.

By this time many printers' errors had rept into the narrative.

8. A Voice from Waterloo [&c., as in 4th, 5th r th, and 7th eds.]. Eighth edition. Printed [at 'ffice of Belgian News, 17, rue du Pepin, Brussels} or the proprietor, H6tel du Mus6e, Braine- 'Alleud. Sold also by the principal booksellers n Belgium. Brussels : Kiessling & Co.'s ibrary (P. Imbreghts, Successor), 72, Montagne de la Cour. 1895.

The letterpress of this edition was revised by Mr. Brogden, and the " additional notes and anecdotes," in Appendix VII., pp. 273-87, were furnished by him.

Mr. Broadley states that ten editions of Cotton's work have been published. The last two are unknown to me. They are, probably verbatim reissues of No. 8.



IN the ' Index Villaris ; or, An Alpha- betical Table of all the Cities, Market-Towns . . . .in England and Wales,' by J. Adams, 1680, at the end, viz., pp. 409-12, is 'A True and Perfect List of the Nobility of England, with their Principal Houses, and the Counties in which they are.'

Written at the foot of p. 409 in my copy is " This last sheet is wanting in several copies." The handwriting is, I think, the same as in the following, which is on the- title-page : " Tho : Baker Coll : Jo: Socius- ejectus."

Baker, because of his non-compliance with the abjuration oath, was compelled to resign his fellowship St. John's, Cam- bridge in 1716/17. According to the ' Dictionary of National Biography,' it was- his invariable practice after losing his fellowship to write " Socius ejectus " after his name on the " blank leaf " of any book of his. According to Foster's ' Alumni Oxonienses,' he was " incorporated " a mem- ber of the University of Oxford, 12 July,. 1687.

As to the houses of the nobility, I give- those in Surrey and Middlesex. S stands for the one, M for the other. I omit the inferior titles. The Knights of the Garter have an asterisk prefixed. The letters and words in parentheses are taken from the

  • Index Villaris ' itself.
  • His Royal Highness James, Duke of York and

Albanie. Richmond, S. (St. James House in

Westminster. M.) Henry Howard, Duke of Norfolk. Norfolk

House in Arundel Buildings. M. Albury ^

Waybridg (House). S.