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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xir. A. 21, 1909.

= *George Villers, Duke of Buckingham. Walling ford House near Whitehall. Colledg Hill in London. M. ""Christopher Monk, Duke of Albemarl. Albe-

marl(e) House. M.

*Henry Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle. Clerken-

wel House (Clarkenwell Nunnery). M. Barbara Villers, Duchess of Cleveland. Cleve- land House near Saint James's. M.

  • Charles Fitz-Boy, Duke of Southampton.

Nonsuch. S.

Charles Powlet, Marquess of Winchester. Win- chester House in Lin. Fields. M.

  • Henry Somerset, Marquess of Worcester.

Worcester House in the Strand. M. Henry Pierpoint, Marquess of Dorchester.

Highgate. M. Anthony Grey, Earl of Kent. Kent House in

St. James Squ. M.

  • William Bussel, Earl of Bedford. Bedford House

in the Strand. M.

  • James Cecil, Earl of Salisbury. Salisbury

House in the Strand. M.

John Egerton, Earl of Bridgewater. Bridge- water House in Barbican. M. Philip Sidney, Earl of Leicester. Leicester

House in Leic. Fields. M.

.James Compton, Earl of Northampton. Cam- bray. M.

Edward Rich, Earl of Warwick and Holland. Warwick House in Holborn. Holland House in Kensington. M. William Cavendish, Earl of Devon. Bowhamp-

ton (house). S. Gilbert Holies, Earl of Clare. Clare House in

Drury-Lane. M.

  • John Sheffield, Earl of Mulgrave. Mulgrave

House near Whitehall. M. Thomas Savage, Earl Bivers. Bivers House in

Queen-street. M. Bobert Bertie, Lord High Chamberlain of

England, Earl of Lindsey. Chelsey. M. Bichard Tufton, Earl of Thanet. Thanet House

in Aldersgate-str. M.

  • Henry Jermin, Earl of St. Albans. St. Alban

House in St. James's Square. M. Byfleet. S.

Arthur Capel, Earl of Essex. Essex House hi

St. James's Square. M. Bobert Brudenel, Earl of Cardigan. Cardigan

House in Lincoln's-Inn Fields. M. Arthur Annesley, Earl of Anglesey. Anglesey

House in Drury-Lane. M. William Craven, Earl of Craven. Craven House

in Drury-Lane. M. Bobert Bruce, Earl of Ailesbury. Ailesbury

House in St. Johns (St. Johns House). M. Bichard Boyle, Earl of Burlington and Corke.

Burlington House. M.

  • Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington. Arlington

House in Westminster. M. William Herbert, Earl of Powis. Powis House

in Line. Fields. M.

  • John Maitland, Earl of Guilford, Duke of Lauder-

dale. Ham. S. "Thomas Osborn, Earl of Danby. Wimbledon

(house). S. George Savil, Earl and Viscount Halifax.

Halifax House in St. James's Square. M., Charles Gerard, Earl of Macclesfield. Maccles-

field Hoifee in Westminster. M. George Berkeley, Earl of Berkeley. Berkely House (Berkeley) near St. Johns. M. Cran- ford (House). M. Durdence (Durdece). S

Edward Conway, Earl of Conway. Conwa\

House in Queen-str. M. Baptista Wriothesley Noel, Viscount Campdec.

Campden-house in Kensington. M. William Howard, Viscount Stafford. Tart-hall

in Westminster. M. Thomas Bellasyse, Viscount Fauconberg of

Henknowle. Fauconberg House near Pell-

Mell. M. Sutton Court. M. Charles, Viscount Mordant of Avelon. Mordant

House in Parsons-Green. M. Beygate

(house). S. Elizabeth, Baroness Percy, sole Daughter and

Heiress of Jocelin, late Earl of Northumber- land, and Widow of Henry Percy, Earl of

Ogle, onely son of Henry Cavendish, Duke of

Newcastle. Northumberland House in the

Strand. Sion House. M. Thomas, Lord Windsor. Flanchford. S. William, Lord Paget. Drayton. M. Charles, Lord North and Grey of Bolleston.

Towting Graveney. 8. James Bertie, Lord Norreys. Lindsey House in

Westminster. M.

Fulke Grevil, Lord Brook. Hackney. M. Ford, Lord Grey. Charter-house Close. M. John, Lord Bellasyse. Whitton. M. Charles Henry Kirkhoven, Lord Wotton.

Belsise (Belsyse). M. Charles, Lord Berkeley. Stratton House alias

Berkeley House in Peccadilly. Twickenham.

M. Francis, Lord Holies. Pepper Harrow. S.

Highgate. M.

Heneage, Lord Finch. Kensington (House). M. Dr. William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Lambeth House. Croydon Palace. S. Dr. Henry Compton, Bishop of London. London

House (C. of Lond.). Fulham House. M. Dr. George Morley, Bishop of Winchester.

Farnham Castle. S. Chelsey House. M. Dr. Peter Gunning, Bishop of Ely. Ely House

in Holborn. M.

The following are addenda taken from ' Index Villaris ' itself. Some of them are probably repetitions, e.g. (Lord Wotton) Hampsted probably equals Belsise.

Duke of Norfolk. Arundel House, Westminster. M.

Earl of Burlington. Bansted. S. Burlington House in Westminster. M.

Earl of St. Albans. Byfleet Park House. S.

Marques of Dorchester. Charter-House Close. M.

Earl of Bristol. Chelsey. M.

Lord Brook. Clapton. M.

Lord Wotton. Hampsted. M.

Marquess of Dorchester. Holloway Upper. M.

Prince Bupert. St. James Park Lodg in West- minster. M.

Earl of Lindsey. Lindsey House in Westminster. M.

(? Viscount) Mountague. Mountague House. M.

Earl of Newport. Newport House in Westmin- ster. M.

Earl of Northumberland. Northumberland House in Westminster. M.

Earl of Nottingham. Putney. S.

Countess Dow. of North. Sion, M.

Lord Bussel. Southampton House. M.