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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. SEPT. n, 1909.

remembre in Shypdam boks and Thomas Sweyn accompts wyth Intewodd beyng for the audyt at Castre for the costs of the traide that was payd for my nefeu Harlyng* londz : also I hafe not the costs here that was payd at Donwych and at Norwych for the Appele of Bysshop : also Rychard Coverey boks most be sought of Dyvers yeers for costs and dammags of parkyng of my sheepe at Saxthorpe in lyke wyse Haylysdon & Dray ton boks for distreynyng at Dray ton, etc., and serchyth as many officers tymys, as ye can by lyklynesse conceyve ony extortion or dam- mage or costs doon to me, for I hafe serched to the utmost heer of all maner costs, in pleez or process, and so I pray you to doo there & sende it me be tyme to thentent I may cast the sommes payd out by you and by myne officers there, to the costs that y hafe payd heere, that y may shew to the arbytros [arbitrators] or to the Jugs [judges] how that y hafe be ruled, by Sir Thomas Tuddenham and Heydon.

Itm. sende ye all the costs, chargs & expenses payd and boorn by you and my servants all the tymes of oyer [sic] terminer kept to my councel] in expenses or otherwyse, for all such maters ys undrestand a dammage to me. And there as hath be made expenses in hors or vitaille at Heylysdon or Castre or ony other place of my provision it ys resen that it be valued.

Itm. the costs leyd out in Norffolk in defense of my process drawyth but clvijli. iiijs by yo takyng owt, but and ye serche well the baylyffs of Blyclynyg Saxthorp Drayton Castre & Haylysdon besyde Shypdam boks & yours, ye shall fynde more money. Also the costs of exspenses of my servants rydyngs the expenses uppon the maners for that caus oonly valued wolld be valued & cast unto. I sende you the said rolle to corrige it.

[" a " in margin.] Itm. y hafe wryten to yow that for my proffyt in the maner of Drayton, because that Wyemegey hath over manye chargs and offices to approwe [improve] well my londz in hys office, that my wille ys that John Emond, my tenant in Taverham, be as my baylly and officer in Drayton, takyng for his fee as gode chepe as [xls. & hys lyury (livery )]f ye can entrete hym yeerly, but I welle he have oversyght of my wareyn in Drayton aswell as the oversyght of my wold^ in Taverham and Haylysdon. And forasmoch the seid Emond hath been wyllyng to me ward in certeyn maters that ye knou off, as Worcester hath crediblye enformed me for esy reward yevyn [given], reson wolle that y owe hym better wille to resseyve hym to my servant, and also he hath certeyn evidenses that may do me ease. Whych that y may the better & esyer com bye hem when he ys my man and I under- stand well concienst & true, and be thyn a yeer or twoo we shall presse it. And therfor sende ye for hym, and go throw wyth hym, as ye shall concidre best for my mooste proffyt and avayle.

Itm. I pray you and charge you that notwyth- standyng I have officers & bayllyffs uppon my maners of Castre Haylysdon Drayton Blyclyng Saxthorp and all such othyre placys where as onye money ys growed & owyng for Rent, f erme, corn, or for conyes wolle or chatell & wodd & such

  • Sir Robert Harlyng was killed at the siege

of St. Denis (#>., iii. 157.)

t Words within brackets have been erased, the others written above.

commoditee3 of a maner that ye do your part to resseyve my dewtees of such commoditees your sylf quarterly & dayly as it ys ronne. And not to suffre my officers resseyve it & delyvere it you, but it be in your absence, for ye knou well of experience, that when it comyth in theyr hands, they woll make work & sett it out in Itemys nedlese, and not esye to hafe out of her hand}, for they have a reson and seyn [say] that when they resseyve my money, they wolle accompt for it at the yeer ys eende, and so marchaunt wyth my money or else pay it in peticions of Itemys, to my grete dammage & hurt, and a grete cause of the diminissyng of my lyvelode. And wold Ihs [Jesus] myne auditors wold take thys mater well to hert, and councell you thereafter. And thynk ye in your soule whethyr that I sey reson or not and take ye it to hert. And myne officers may be as well discharged o ff a lyvere [? liefer] lyverey of money that touchyth her charge made to your hand, as to delyvere uppon the accompt, for it ys not so redy payd then, ye know well. And for deffault of thys oversyght it makyth my bayllyffs be yn gretter arrears then they ought or wold bee, & thys mater were tymely awayted uppon by yow. S r J. FFASTOLFE.

Itm. Wolle ye hafe in knouledge that the xix yer of the Reyne of thys kyng, I put a bille of supplication to the kyng, sent by Thomas Ovye of the lady Kerdeston ys councell to the kyng, beyng at Cambrygge then. And the sub- stance of my bill was that it lyked the kyng of his speciall grace to graunt and licence me to founde A College of certyn preests, Clerks and poremen at my place in Castre, whych bill of supplication was graunted and signed wyth the kyng ys hand. And the said Ovye brought the bille to London, and now I hafe doo serened 1 amongs my wrytyngs for the seid bille signed with the kyngs hand and y can not fynde it, so y suppose that the seid Ovye can tell to whom the bill was delyvered, to thentent I myght inquire and demaund for it. y suppose maister Thomas Ludham can sey where that bille be come & he bee in that centre, yff the seid Ovye can not remembre, I pray you therfor serche at home at Castre & inquyre in all haast goodly of the seid Ovye aswell as off maister Thomas Ludham whate remembraunce they can sey you of thys bille, where it shuld be bycom, & sende me woord.

Itm. I sende you a rolle of the grete parte of costs in money leyd owt and peyd here in London owt of myne privy cofferys to lerned men and for councell to diffend the malyciouse & fals processes pursued ageynst me thys x yer [year] day by myne adverse comfort (?) yn meyntenance of Norffolk. And y sende you your rolle of costs also to corrige it after more serchys made as ys specified before in bokys of myne accomptants, praying you to do serche of the new the said Office bokys by avice of Watkyn Shypdam & William Cole yff he be at Castre, And put it in your papyr or a part that y may cast every cost of every processe to othyr. As to the traide of Herlyng londj and the deffence of the appele for Bysshop deeth it cost iijli, where evere it be wryt, and the boks be not here off it, but of Intwood last accompt. Ye most inquire there and betyme jO labour it for my worshyp & proffyt, that y make none demaund to my party adverse of every perticler cost besyde the damage, but as the trouth ys and that I may fynde Record & Wrytyng off "t and nede bee. I pray you ponder these maters