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10 s. XIL SEPT. 11, 1909.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


be tyme to be sent me word. And god haffe you in hys kepyng. Wryt at London the xxiiij day of June Anno xxix regni regis H. vj.

LETTER II. [Endorsed :] 3 Jan. 1450.

To my right tristy and welbeloved John a Berney, squier, Sir Thomas Howes, Walter Shipdham and Geffrey Spirlynge, D.D.

[" a " in margin.] Bight trusty and welbe- loved frends, I grete you weel and certifie yow I have receivid yo r letre and weelunderstande it, and as for a procedendo to be grauntid upon the- certiorari the chief Juge thinkith it may not be doon by lawe in as moche as certein of hem have apperid in the kyngs benche and pledid, wherupon the certiorari now cam downe by vertu of a certiorari be fore this hadde owte of the chauncerye the laste terme to renewe certein enditements up on hem in Norfolk in Norwiche by fore the Justices of the peas, up on whiche enditements whan thei were come inne in to the Kyngs benche certein of hem apperid, as Heydon Gynne Clueston Prentys and Briggs, and pledid, up on whiche apperaunce the seid (?) caviat was made owte of coors of the peace, And ex-officio, etc. ; but as for Tudenham, Brampton, Woods, Woode and others that apperid not, I shal have a procedendo, and otherwise I am answerid of the Juge I may not. Nevertheles I shal call to my lord Chaunceller if I may ghete on of hym in generall spede if I may, etc.

Itm, where as the kyng hadde grauntid a supersedies to a come down (?) and for to surcese of all the oyer determiner that is lettid for such shal (?) never (?) pass as yette as my lord Chaun- celler graunteth, etc.

Itm, Cousyn Bereney and parson [i.e. Howes], in as moche as the lord Scales* is at Lynne, and as I am enformed wille be there bygge of his men and tenauntes in mentinyng the seid Tudenham and Heydon, and peraventure speke grete wordis with noo grete hurte if he doo noo more, yet certein of my frends and weelwillers have coun- celled me that for such materes as I have there in processe that I have good councell and other men of worship to be present in my materes forseid pursuyng, as my cousyn Paston, whom I trist moche, I wote weel wil be there, and also my frends William Jenney, John Jenney and Lomnor. And if ye thinke it to be doon I pray yow, cousyn, be ye there. I suppose the seid lord Scales will not be openly parciall, seyng he [sic] a Commissioners and a knyght of the gartier, etc.

Itm, I shal sende the procedendo by Brayn and Bokkyng, whiche shal be with Yelverton on Satur- day at nyght next comyng, and also the pro- cedendo generall if I may ghete hit : this certiorari hurteth the kyng gretely but notthepartyessafe(?) for tho that exigents ben awardid agenste hem, and yet process of outlawery shal precede ayenst hem neverthelatter. As for all other materes particler that ar or may be to my advaile and profite in that parties, I pray yow tenderly to solicite hem to my grettest profite, as I trist fully ye wal, &c., bryngyng with yow Sir Thomas all manere evidence concernyng my billes at this oyer and determiner, &c.

Itm, as for tendernesse of lordshipp to be shewid to Tudenham and Heydon by my lord ol

  • See ' Paston Letters,' ii. 196.

Norffolk, fere yow not ther of in noo wyse,. &c. and* our lord have yow in kepyng. Writen at London the iij day of Januare a xxix Regis- H. sexti, &c.

I have hadde gretv, &ute and labor that I shuld ntrete with Sir Thomas Tudenham and Heydon,. and I have answerid non otherwyse but in cas-

hei will appere in propre persone or by Attorney

and plede the materes tried and f ounden for hem [ agre me, And if thei be founden for me I wille surcesse of execution (?) staying and put my materes in Comprimys of my lord Chaunceller and other men of conciens and lerned, and other- wise thei ghete noon agrement of me, for I have evere it were knowen in the centre ho we I have se don too thanne to be recompensid of all my .osses that I have hadde by them, for me thinkith it more my worchip by whiche I sette more than by ought els, And so I will the centre knewe, &c.

Itm, my ship with stuff is come this nyght an. hathe be longe hiderward. S r J. FFASTOLFE.



SIGNS OF OLD LONDON. (See 10 S. vi. 45, 424 ; vii. 445 ; viii. 288 ;-

ix. 228; xi. 102.)

THE following interesting and valuable- list of London signs existing at the time of the Commonwealth is compiled from the MS. ' Calendar to the Counter-Parts of Deeds, of Sale of Fee Farm Rents ' in P.R.O. : Saracen's Head, Gracechurch Street. Three Kings, p<M-ish of St. Stephen, Wai- brook. "Pye," Sworders Alley, St. Sepulchre's


Three Cranes, St. Mildred, Poultry. Cock and George, near the Old Swan,

parish of Allhallows the L^ss, Thames


Swan, Old Fish Street. Cock, St. Michael Basingshaw (i.e. Bassi-


" Beades al's Boar's Head," West Cheap. Cock, near London Wall. " Red Lyon Inn," East Smithfield. " The Stew," St. Michael Queenhithe. " The Platter," Soaper Lane, St. Pancras* Plough, also Harrow, Thames Street. " The Dock Tenement within Newgate." " The Helmet Tenement," Cornhill. Star, St. Leonard's, Shoreditch. Three Tuns Tavern, St. Magnus. " The Buckshead Tenement, in Watling

Street, St. Augustine's near Paul's


Black Eagle, St. Michael, Wood Street. White-House, Smithfield, St. Sepulchre's. Kingshead Inn (sic), New Fish Street,

parish of St. Magnus.

  • " as for " erased.