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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. SEPT. n, 1909.

"Inner Dagger" and "Upper Dagger,'

tenements in "St. Mary of Bow '


King's Head, St. Dunstan-in- the- West. 'Star, Cheap, parish of St. Vedast. Swan Inn, Bishopsgate Street. Hart, St. Mary Colechurch. Bear, Cheapside. Cup, also Leg, parish of St. Michael, Crooked

Lane. Three Cranes, the Vintry, St. Michael,

Paternoster Royal. 'Sun, St. Margaret's (sic). Castle-on-the-Hoop, New Fish Street. Star, Bread Street.

Sun, Mitre, and Talbot, Fish Street.

Flying Horse, Thames Street. White Lyon, ditto. Harrow, there also. Bull Head (sic), Watling Street. Old Swan, St. Lawrence Poultney (sic). Three Kings, Bucklersbury.



<See 10 S. x. 81, 484 ; xi. 82, 184 ; xii. 103.)


Scenonym. Stage-name, theatrical name of author or actor.

Edmund Falconer was the theatrical name of Edmund O'Rourke (1814-79), and he wrote a comedy under his theatrical name (see Boase, ' M.E.B,' ' Handbook,' p. 49).

Henry Irving was a theatrical name until the bearer was knighted.

Villeneuve (Madame) [Madame Sophie Boge].

Stage-name, being English, is the prefer- able word. It is always used by Mr. Boase in ' M.E.B.' ; see his indexes.

Sideronym. Celestial or astronomical name.

Sirius [A. A. Berruyer].

Sobriquet. Same as nickname, q.v.

Stigmonym. Points or dots instead of a name. See asterism.

Syncopism. Name deprived of several letters. See apoconym.

Telonism, The last letters of the real name.

H. S. [Ralph Thomas, 1832], H., p. 60, and other instances.

Titlogeonym. See titlonym and geonym. ' Modern Painters,' by a graduate of Oxford [John Ruskin, see H., p. 6].

Les Theologiens de Bordeaux. Fronton -du Due was " les theologiens."

Titlonym. Title taken instead of proper name.

' Legends of the Library at Lilies,' by the lord and lady there, 1832 [Lord G. N. T. Grenville, Baron Nugent, and Lady Nugent], H., p. 150.

Saint Cyran (1'abbe de) [J. Daverger de Hauranne].

Vieux soldat (un) [le Comte de Rocheline].

Translationym. Translation of the real name.

Forrest [J. G. Wood, see H., p. 51, and ' Swimming,' by Ralph Thomas, 1904, index under Forrest].

Books Nabonag : Books is a translation of Libri, and Nabonag an anagram of Bagnano [le Comte Georges Libri Bagnano].

Johann Saville Stein [John Saville Stone, H., p. 122 : stein is German for stone.

Nearly all these technical words are derived from Greek ; but translationym is a mongrel coinage the first part Latin, the -onym Greek. RALPH THOMAS.

I have always understood that Major A , the great authority on whist (ante, p. 105), was Major George Anson, who after- wards became a general, and was Com- mander-in-Chief in India when the Mutiny broke out. He died of cholera at the commencement of the struggle. Of Major Aubrey I have no knowledge, nor can I find his name in the ' Diet. Nat. Biog.' Perhaps MR. WILLIAM PRIDEATJX COURTNEY can tell us something about him.

I hope MR. THOMAS does not wish to introduce into English bibliography such awful hybrids as " pseudoprenonym " and " pseudo titlonym," which are enough to invoke the wrath of Priscian's ghost upon us. W. F. PRIDE AUX.

Preprint. -I notice a word that may, for its very special purpose, be recorded as an addition to MR. RALPH THOMAS'S bibliographical vocabulary. It will be found at p. 102 of the ' British Museum Return ' 'or 1908, where Sir Edward M. Thompson

reporting on the library of the Natural History Museum :

' The printing of the Catalogue was resumed, and the work at the end of the year stood as follows : No. of sheets passed for press (A Linnaeus) 144. No. of title-slips set up in type (A Loew) 33,578. A preprint of the titles of the works under the leading 'Linnaeus' was prepared and issued in time for the bicentennial celebrations of the birth f Linnaeus."


P.S. Since I sent the above, the 'N.E.D.' has shown that the word was used in The Academy as early as June, 1889.