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10 B. xii. JULY 17,




CONTENTS.-No. 290.

NOTES : Players' Companies on Tour, 1548-1630, 41 Miller Bibliography, 42 Thomas Paine's Remains, 44 Yelver- tons of Easton Maudit, 45 Spurious Medals Squthey Capt. Thompson's Poems "And he was a Samaritan," 46 Hengler's Circus "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John" Moliere's Comedies " Plough, Thack, Stack, and Willing," 47.

QUERIES : St. Nicolas's, Rouen Donna Maria of Spain Marchetti Collection of Drawings, 47 Saints' Satis- faction Jackson and Law Families Archdeacon Sted- man " Seecatchie " " Camelario," ' North-Country Parish Registers '" See how these Christians love one another" "Vache k Colas " Vachell Ford Family Byron and Crawley Freemasonry Pig Grass Nuns as Chaplains St. Dunstan's-in-the-West Engraving by Will, 49 Dutch Boy and Dyke Flint Pebbles at Brighton Lory Family Earl of Bristol's House" Bec-en-Hent," 50.

REPLIES : Phrases in American Newspapers, 50 Statues in the British Isles, 51 Lynch Law Lumley Family, 52 Cawdor Dispatch Names terrible to Children, 53 Abp. Blackburne " Brokenselde " Swedish Painters Ships' Periodicals, 54 Ruby Wedding R. Newman" Though lost to sight "Johnson's Uncle Hanged Pan-Germanic Press, 55" Haughendo "Norfolk, Virginia Comets- Inventor of the Lucifer Match Holt Castle, 56 Groom's Coffee-House Beezley Carstares " At the back of beyond," 57 R. Carlile " Rhombus " Fleetwood Ben- jamin Hanbury's Library Sir C. Slade " Volksbiicher " "Fossel " Automaton Dancers, 58.

NOTES ON BOOKS : Lupton's ' Life of Colet ' ' Ruined

and Deserted Churches ' ' The Heroine 'Cambridge

County Geographies' Burlington Magazine.'

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THE borough of Saffron Walden, Essex possesses two volumes of corporation accounts which extend, almost without break, from 31 May, 1545, to 31 Dec., 1835 Unfortunately, these accounts are very meagre. The real affairs of the borough both in respect of income and outlay, were managed by the two Chamberlains, anc their accounts have not been kept. Th( -accounts preserved are those of the chie magistrate (at Saffron Walden termed " th< Treasurer"), and contain chiefly certain balances (e.g., of the Chamberlains' accounts and certain traditional expenditure (e.g., o borough hospitality to the Justices at the Sessions). Among the accidental items o expenditure are found notices of paymen to companies of players on tour. It wil l)e of interest to take these notices fron the north-west corner of Essex, and compar them with the notices already given (10 S vii. 181, 342, 422 ; viii. 43) from Maldon in the east of the county.

The accounts are from Michaelmas t Michaelmas, and in some cases it seem possible to distinguish an autumn tour from a spring tour. In other years th

ems have been so obviously re-arranged

groups at the drafting of the account as o forbid inference. It cannot be concluded, rom the absence of entries in any year, hat ho company visited Walden that year. The customary visit may have been paid, and the accustomed fee given by the Cham- berlains, and therefore absent from the Treasurer's account. ANDREW CLARK. Great Leighs Rectory, Chelmsford.

1547-8 (probably spring, 1548. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas, Baron Audley, was no doubt 'eeident in the Abbey buildings). Gyven to

erteyn players sent by lady Awdeley to the

,owne, in reward, IQd.

1559-60 (probably spring, 1560. Lord Robert Dudley, Master of the Horse, was brother-in-law X) the widowed heiress of Audley End). Gyven XD my lord Roberte his players, 3s. 4d.

1563-4. Gyven to my lorde Rich his players and to other players, 5s. Wd.

1568-9 (probably spring, 1569). Payd for a rewarde to the Queene's majestie her players, 3s. 4d.

1569-70 (probably spring, 1570). Given to my ord Ryche's players, 2s.

1570-71 (Elizabeth was at Audley End, 19 Aug., 1571). To the Quene's players and the Erie of Leycester's players, 6s. 8d. To Sir Raphe Sadler's players, 3s. Qd.

1572-3 (probably autumn, 1572). Gyven to the Quene's majestie her players, ....

1573-4 (probably autumn, 1573). Gyven to my lord of Sussex players [Lord Chamberlain], 5s.

1576-7. To my Lord Chamberleyn's players, 2s. Qd.

1577-8 (probably spring, 1578. Charles, Baron Howard of Effingham, Lord Chamber- lain. Elizabeth was at Audley End, 1578). Paied to my lorde Howarde's players, 2s. 6d.

1583-4 (probably autumn, 1583). Geven to the Quene's majestie's players, 6s. 2d.

1586-7 (probably spring, 1587). Paid to the Queene's plaiers, 6s. 8d.

1587-8. To the earle of Essex players, 5s. To my lord of Lycester's and my Lord Chamber- lain's men, 3s. 4d. To the Queene's players, 3s. 4d.

1588-9. Given to my lord Staffourd's players, 3s. 4d. Gyven to the erle of Essex players, 2s.

1590-91. Given to the Queene's players, 3s. 4d. Given to one of the Queene's men a quart of wine, IQd.

1591-2. Paid to the Queene's players, 6s. 8d. 1592-3. Paid to the lord Morlei's players, 3s. 4<Z.

1595-6. To the Queene's majestie's players, 10s.

1596-7 (probably spring, 1597). Payed to the Quene's players, 3s. 4d.

1597-8 (probably spring, 1598). Payd to the Queene's players, 6s. 8d.

1598-9 (probably autumn, 1598). Given to my lord Bartlett's players, 2s.

1600-1 (probably autumn, 1600). Paid to tlie Queene's players, 6s. 8d.

1605-6 (probably autumn, 1605). Given to the Kinge's plaiers, 6s. 8d. Given to the Queene's plaiers, 5s.