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1607-8 (probably spring, 1608). Bestowed on the Prince's players, 3s. 4d.

1608-9 (probably autumn, 1608). Given to the Prince's players, 3s. 4eZ.

1609-10 (Earl of Suffolk at Audley End, Lord Chamberlain). Given to the Prince's trumpeters and my Lord's players, 6s. 8d.

1610-11 (probably spring, 1611). Given to the Duke of York's players, 10s. Given to the Duke of York's trumpeters, 3s. 4eZ.

1611-12 (probably spring, 1612). Given, in reward, to the Queene's players, 5s.

1613-14 (James I. visited Audley End, 1614). Given to the Quene's players, for a reward, 5s. Given to the Prince's players, 5s.

1615-16 (probably autumn, 1615). Given to the Prince Paulsgrave servants and players, 5s.

1616-17 (probably autumn, 1616). Paid to the Queen's players, 5s. (Probably spring, 1617). Paid to the Prince's players, 3s. 4d.

1617-18 (probably spring, 1618). Given to the Queene's players, 5s.

1620-21 (probably spring, 1621). Given to the Prince's players, 5s.

1621-2. (Probably autumn, 1621.) Given to the Prince's players, 3s. 4d. (Probably spring, 1622 : Anne of Denmark died 1619.) Given the late Queene's players, 5s.

1622-3 (probably autumn, 1622.) Given to the King's players, 3s. 4d.

1623-4 (probably spring, 1624). Given to the King's plaiers, 5s.

1624-5. (Autumn, 1624.) Given to the Prince's players, 6s. 8d, (Spring, 1625.) Given to the King's players, 5s.

1628-9. Geoven to the King's players and other players, at three tymes, 6s.

1629-30 (probably spring, 1630). Given to the King's players, 2s. Qd.

1630-31 (spring, 1630). Given to the King's players, 2s.

MILLER BIBLIOGRAPHY. (Concluded from p. 3.)

THIS second instalment gives all the remaining Miller publications that I have been able to trace :

1817. Marshall (Rev. Walter). The gospel- mystery of sanctification opened in sundry prac- tical directions, suited especially to the case of those who labour under the guilt and power of indwelling sin ; also a Sermon on Justification. . . . .With a life of the author. Together with Marshall improved ; hints concerning the means of promoting religion in ourselves or others, and a Sermon on Reconciliation, by the Rev. James Hervey. Haddington : printed by G. Miller and Son, for G. Miller, Dunbar. 1817. 8vp, 8 pp. ( unnumbered )+i-xxi, 22-440 pp. Not in B.M.

A similar edition, however, of Marshall's book (first published in 1692), "To which is added a Recommendatory preface by the late Rev. Mr. Hervey," was published in London in 1819, 12mo (B.M. 4411. e. 31). The author, a Presbyterian divine, born 1628, died 1680.

[1818 ?] The life and campaigns of Napoleon- Bonaparte, (late emperor of France, &c.) contain- ing details of his military achievements .... a circumstantial account of the "decisive battle of Waterloo ; with particulars of his exile to St. Helena, conversations with Dr. Warden, and his employment in the Island. Embellished with a portrait. To which is annexed, The consequences of the French Revolution. Haddington : printed 1 by and for G. Miller and Son. No date [or date cut off by binder]. 12mo, 74+120 pp. Not in B.M.

The portrait is missing. The book was. perhaps written by " Mrs. Grant of Duthil (the sister of Sir Neil Campbell, who accom- panied Napoleon to Elba) " : see ' Lamp of Lothian,' 1844, p. 525. Napoleon died at St. Helena in 1821 : this work was produced some time before that date.

1818. Aitken (John). The frogs. A fabler, Dunbar : printed by G. Miller, 1818. 12mo, 16 pp. Not in B.M.

In original paper covers t plain. Dedica- tion : "To gossips of every description, within the borough of Dunbar, this fable is humbly inscribed." In the/ MS*. ' Notes on the Miller Family ' it is stated that William Miller, third son of George MiUer of Dunbar , married, in 1827, " ** Aitken of Dunbar, who seems to have died in 1835." William was born 24 Oct., 1796, and died 1837. Dr. Japp in his MS. notes states that he was a bookseller and bookbinder in Dunbar, a partner with his father, and succeeded him, in the business. See 1830 ' History of Dun- bar." Was his wife a relative of the author of this piece ? and was the author of this piece John Aitken, the- editor of Constable's MisceUany ?

1818. Brown (Rev. John) of Haddington. A

dictionary of the Holy Bible With a life of

the author. A new edition, carefully revised, and improved with the author's last additions- and corrections. In two volumes. Dunbar : printed by and for G. Miller; Dunbar, and East Lothian printing-office, Haddington. 1818. 8vo. Vol. I. xxxii+632 pp. r with 5 plates (plate i. frontispiece portrait of the a>uthor.) Vol. II r 600+xxxii pp., with 2 plates. B,M. 842. c. 14.

Many other editions and works at Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Paisley, Berwick, and Stirling. The author (1722-87) was a Dis- senting minister in Haddington from 1751, and Professor of Divinity under the Associate Synod from 1768 till his death. Though poorly born, and largely self-educated, he was a man of great learning, a voluminous writer, and a powerful preacher. Dr. John Brown, the author of ' Rab and his Friends,' was his great-grandson, and speaks of him with pride in ' Horse Subsecivae,' Second Series, ; Letter to John. Cairns, D.D.'