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This page needs to be proofread.


NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. DEC. is, im

pe r \Vhat

rdendum erit ; quod Anglice vulgo dici solet,

Vhat is got on the Devil's back is spent under his belly.'"

Probably " Varch " (p. 178) should be " March. n The Index gives " March Malen, 178." " Minervse " is for " Minervae Insula," and " Malen " equals the Isle of MuU.

Who was Furia Andrasta, " Diaboli mater " ? What was March Malen, the " Equus magicus " ?

The version of the proverb " in ore vulgi " is, I suppose, Gaelic, but how does the proverb particularly apply to Mull ?


MBS. BBOWNING AND SAPPHO. In Mrs. Browning's collected works appears a poem of thirteen lines beginning,

If Zeus chose us a king of the flowers in his mirth, He would call to the rose and would royally crown it.

It purports to be a translation of Greek " attributed to Sappho, from Achilles Tatius.*' I cannot find in the eight books of Achilles Tatius's * Clitophon and Leucippe * any quotation from Sappho, or indeed any lyric quotation at all. Nor in either Bergk or the ' Greek Anthology * is any fragment of Sappho corresponding to Mrs. Browning's verses. Can any one throw light on the original poem which Mrs. Browning trans lated ? S.

MICHAEL LIVINGSTON, c. 1680. In 1680 the Edinburgh press issued a publication bearing the title, " Albion's Congratulatory ; or, a Poem upon the High and Mighty Prince James, Duke of Albany and York, his return into Scotland. Presented to His Royal Highness, by M. L."

Halkett and Laing's dictionary gives the author's name as Michael Livingston. Who was he ? Would some reader of ' N. & Q. kindly oblige by indicating the source whence information about him may be obtained ? W. SCOTT.

PABLIAMENTABY DIVISION LISTS. Can any of your readers kindly inform me when division lists in Parliament were first printed and published ? JOHN WILLCOCK.


BEACONSFIELD ON RADICALS AND CON SEBVATIVES. Lord Beaconsfield once said " We are all Radicals by sentiment, but we are Conservative by conviction." Perhaps one of your correspondents can say where and when he said this, A. DUMAY KEBB.

F. C. LEWIS'S ' THE NAUTCH.' I should greatly obliged if I could obtain a key o the portraits in an engraving I possess, >r information as to the whereabouts of the >riginal picture. The following is printed >n the engraving :

" The Nautch ; or, Entertainment given by .he Rajah Chundo Lai to General James Stuart Fraser, Resident at the Court of Hyderabad, in the ear 1841.

" Dedicated by permission to her Majesty Queen Victoria. Published Oct. 1st, 1844, for the Proprietor by F. C. Lewis, 53, Charlotte St., Portland Place. Painted by F. C. Lewis at Secun- derabad."


" OLD SIB SIMON." Off the main thoroughfare of Lancaster there is a market mown as " Old Sir Simon's Market." I should like to know who this personage was whose popularity was so great that his fellow townsmen designated him " Old Sir Simon." M. L. R. BBESLAB.

SIB PHILIP BLUNDELL. I shall be much obliged if any one can give me information concerning Sir Philip Blundell, whose daughter Anna Maria married George Bick- nell in 1818 or 1819. I cannot find him in any list of knights or baronets. A. S. B.

SIB THOMAS WILLIAM BBOTHEBTON (1785- 1868). Particulars of his parentage, the date and place of his birth, and his first marriage are desired. The ' D.N.B.,' vi. 446, gives no information on these points.

G. F. R. B.

FBEDEBICK HEBBEBT MABEBLEY (1781- 1860). When and whom did he marry ? The ' D.N.B.,* xxxiv. 393, does not help. When did he attempt to impeach Wellington in the House of Lords ; and where can an account of his action be found ?

G. F. R. B.

DEVONSHIBE REGIMENT. Has any history been written of the Devonshire Regiment, established 1685 ? HOBACE BLEACKLEY.

PBINTEBS* PBOOFS. I shall be glad to be referred to any " documented " discussion of the history and antiquities of authors' proofs. Q. V.

BHANG : CUCA. I should be very grateful if any reader could tell me where I could get either of the following : bhang (which I believe is Indian hemp, and can be got in London), or cuca (or coca), which is, I fancy, a South American product. G. B.