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HENGLEB'S CIKCUS : " THE PALLADIUM," ARGYLL STREET, W. It may be useful to put upon record that from Tuesday, 15 June (according to The Daily Chronicle of that date), Hengler's Circus will no longer rank among the entertainments of London; It was founded in 1871, in Argyll Street, Oxford Street,

  • ' by the late Charles Hengler, a son of the noted

tight-rope dancer and equestrian. For many years it was one of the most popular of Metropolitan resorts, but when public appreciation of circuses began to decline it was converted into a skating rink. Last Christmas, howev r er, it was reopened for a few weeks as a circus."

It is to be demolished, and replaced by a huge variety theatre, which will not be a music-hall, to be known as " The Palladium," in which an audience of 4,000 people will find accommodation.

W. E. HABLAND-OXLEY. Westminster.

" MATTHEW, MABK, LUKE, AND JOHN." The version of this rime familiar to most of us is, I believe,

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John,

Guard the bed that I lie on.

One to watch and one to pray,

And two to bear my soul away.

But some twenty-two years ago an old lady, then over ninety, gave me a version of which the last line was

And two to drive the devil away. Surely this must be the older version.


MOLIEBE'S COMEDIES : RECOBD PBICE. The Feuille d'Avis de Lausanne of 26 April last, a popular daily journal, has the follow- ing, which I venture to translate in the hope that it may interest readers of * N. & Q.

"The 'Moliere,' illustrated by Moreau the

Siunger, which formed part of the collection of . de Janze, was sold on Saturday [24 April] to a Parisian bookseller, M. Rahir, lor the sum of 177,500 francs. This unique work consists of six volumes, and contains thirty-three original draw- ings by Moreau. They were executed in 1773, and are bound up along with the comedies of our great master. In 1820 this ' Moliere ' was sold for 1,200 francs. In 1844 M. de Janze purchased it for 900 francs at the sale of M. de Soleines. It is be- lieved that the price named is the highest ever obtained for any book."


" PLOUGH, THACK, STACK, AND WILLING.' I have seen scores of written applications for farmwork service, and in most of them have been the words, in one form or another which head this note. One of the latest after a general summary of what the appli

cant can do in other branches, ends with 'I can plough, thack, stack, and willing"

" willing " means to do one's best, and

also undertake all the sorts of work men- ioned. In most cases a verbal application

would be " plew, stak, thak, an' willin'." To shepherd is a special thing as a rule, but he true husbandmen's pride is to " plough, hatch, stack, and willing " able to take

all farmwork in hand.



WE must request correspondents desiring in-

ormation on family matters of only private interest

a affix their name's and addresses to their queries, n order that answers may be sent to them direct.

ST. NICOLAS' s, ROUEN. It is proposed to issue a history of this church, which was demolished in 1840. Some of the windows from it, bought at Rouen in 1802, were sold in London by Van Hamp & Stevenson. I know of the Visitation window in York Minster, but am desirous of tracing the others, and shall be grateful for information respecting any of the windows that may be in churches, museums, or private collections. The history will be illustrated, and a, copy will be sent to any one assisting in its compilation. Gr. LEFBANCOIS,

Ex-Secretaire general de la Societe des Amis des Monuments Rouennais.

21, Quai du Havre, Rouen.

DONTSTA MABIA OF SPAIN. Will some one put me in possession of information that will enlighten me as to what became of Donna Maria, the fourth child and third daughter, I think, of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain ? JOHN L. STEWABT.

Lehigh University, Pennsylvania.

MABCHETTI COLLECTION OF DBAWINGS. On 20 Oct., 1743, a letter from Mr. John Talman was communicated to the Society of Antiquaries, giving an account of a collection of 2,111 drawings, bound in 16 volumes, which had belonged to Monsignor Marchetti, Bishop of Arezzo, and was being offered for sale bv his nephew, Chevalier Marchetti of Pistoia, who demanded 750Z. for them. In Mr. Talman's opinion they were " worth any money." See Archceologia, vol. i. I should be glad of any information as to the purchaser, the subsequent history, and the present place of deposit of this col- lection. EDWABD BBABBOOK, Dir.S.A.