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Notices to Correspondents.



THE old European cemeteries of Aleppo are .situated on an eminence to the north-east of the town, outside the inhabited area, and the Protestant section is entered through a large arched gateway, over which is a tablet* enclosing the following inscription :


The Protestant and other Christian ceme- teries are together, and enclosed by walls ; but although they are supposed to be pro- tected from profanation, and a guardian lives in a small house within the precincts for this purpose, the more ancient and inter- esting memorials have suffered very much. The greater number of the old English tombstones of the seventeenth and eighteenth

  • There is no indication as to when this tablet

was put up.

centuries have evidently disappeared. Somo years ago a number of these curious long stones were removed from the cemetery to build a new tank and aqueduct for a garden near by. Who can say how many old English records disappeared in this opera- tion ?

The tombstones in all the Aleppine cemeteries are in the form of squared stone blocks about 6 ft. by 2 ft. by 2 ft., hollowed out from underneath, and looking at first sight like ancient sarcophagi turned upside down. The hollowing-out has evidently been done to make these enormous stones more portable. The stones are in shape quite unlike the contemporary monuments at Alexandretta and Larnaca, and the style of ornamentation is very different. Most of the inscriptions are illegible, owing to the poor quality of the stone. The follow- ing inscriptions on the few surviving monu- ments are given with the original mis- spellings, &c. :

Hie iacet | Rever niodvm vir Bartholomi

Chaffield | Praesb . . Minister qvondam Anglica

nationis | in Aleppo qvi cvm xl pivs ivs

annos . . . . | inacerbi co .... ratvs est et circo Ixxx annos | natvs mortem obit xxvi Febr. MDCLXXXV.

Exyvias depositi hie j Gvilelmvs Bethel Can- cellarivs Angl. nationis | pietate ac morvm candore nee non litterarvm | stvdio .... nis

mvliere svo benedictvs victvs est. se.

svaxxxvi.sal. | hvmanaMDCLXXix[orMDCLXxxix].

Hie reqviescat | corpus lohannis Van de Put mercatoris Angli | filium in maioris equitis Petri Van de Put Londinesis | qui obit .... die De- cembris anno 1706 aetatis suae xx.

, I Harley (?) | die xviii

mensis Jvlii. | MDCCX | | |

In the Aleppo documents at the Public Record Office, London, is a notice of the sale by auction, on 8 June, 1749, of the house of the late Mr. Nathaniel Harley, situated in the "Great Cane."

Petrus Shaw armiger honorabili lohannis Shaw | de Eltham in comitatu Cantii Baronetti llius | natu minimus qui ex Anglia pro .... us -n Aleppo | per annos prope 30. | Mercaturum

audate honestate que ex | summa quore

benevolentia morum suavitate | aestimationem omnium quibuscum ibidem | decelatura. Sed podagra variisque morbis satis | vehement! d . . . . conflitatur. | Animam efflavit | 14 Ian. An. Dom. 1793. | JEt. 49. | Amicorum ut nuper deliciae.

Sir Charles Shaw, writing from Little Hawk- well, Pembury, Kent, 14 Dec., 1912, says :

" The Shaw buried at Aleppo must be Peter Shaw, youngest son of the second Baronet, by lis second wife. His brother Paggen Shaw was a merchant at Smyrna. Peter Shaw is the little boy with a bird at the end of a string in the very