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big picture that was at the end of the Morning Boom at Ken ward, and which formerly hung in the great hall at Cheshunt. There was a picture of Peter Shaw in Turkish dress, squatting cross- legged, with a cup of coffee in his hand, at Ches- hunt."

There is nothing to indicate a connexion between this Peter Shaw and the Jasper Shaw, merchant of Aleppo, whose name is mentioned in several of the Aleppo papers of about 1780, and whose marriage with a Greek woman in 1778 was attested by a certain Henry Shaw. See P.R.O., S.P.F., No. 70. Mr. Henry Shaw was apparently Vice-Consul at Latachia.

Vbi Devs ibi patria

Here lie interred the bones of three children | of the worshipful lohn Purnell Esq. and Angela his wife. The said lohn Purnell being Consul in the city of Aleppo, Syria, Palestine, for His Majesty the King of Great Britain, &c. and the High find Mighty Lords the States General of

the | Vnited Provinces of Holland, &c

The rest of the inscription seems to be an account of the children's illness, but it is very illegible. The date appears to be 1719.

Here lies interred the body of Francis Taylor. | He was born Septem r the xxix an. Dom. MDCLXIX.

| in the Parish of Abbe-Holm in the County of | Cumberland. He dyed Novemb r the xxi an. Dom.

| MDCCXXXIII. He was Chiaux to the British Nation | xviii years.

To the memory of Mi(stress Elizabeth Us gate | who died September 20. 1758. | This tomb was erected by Rich d Usgate. |

Here lies interred the body of | Joseph Hopkins, Nephew of David Hays Esq, | British Merchant in Aleppo. | This virtuous youth, modest in his behaviour | admired for his learning and beloved for | his piety, was cropt as a flower near | full bloom, to the merited regret of his affectionate Uncle by a violent fever | the xxviii of Jvly MDCCLXIX. aged xviii years.

Charles Robert Thompson Esquire | of White- haven in England. | Died at Aleppo on the 20th of December 1835.

Here are deposed the mortal remains of | Nath. Will. Werry Esq

Three more lines illegible, and the date, which was 1841. Mr. Werry was the Consul of that period.

Sacred to the memory of Rha lou Skene | davghter of Jacobvs Rhizos Rhangabe | the devoted and beloved wife of Henry Skene Esquire. | British Consul at Aleppo. | She died at the age of fifty four on the 16th day of May. 1870. | Universally esteemed for her amiable and bene- volent character.

To the memory of George Smith. Assistant in the Department of Oriental Antiquities British Museum. Distinguished for his | know- ledge of the ancient languages and | history of Babylonia and Assyria. | Born 20. March 1840. Died at Aleppo while | on a scientific mission 19 August. 1876. | This slab has been placed by the

Trustees | of the British Museum in recognition of | his merit and great service in the | promotion of Biblical learning.

The slab has been broken in transport from England, and the two parts are set up side by side in the boundary wall of the cemetery. *

A tomb on which the name " Brewer " is distinguishable is too much defaced to allow of any transcription. The date has quite dis- appeared. Written in English.

Robert Condit Son of | Rev. W. W. and H. M. Eddy | Born Feb 1. 1853. Died July 7. 1853.

A register book of births, deaths, and marriages, formerly in the Aleppo Consulate,, is now preserved at the Public Record Office , London. Several of the entries in it are curious ; it appears to have been started by the Chaplain, the Rev. Thos. Dawes, on his appointment in 1758. The deaths are as follows : 1758. July 19. Mistress Booth, wife of Thomas

Booth, merchant, "Both of them of

the Anabaptists." 1758. Sept. 25. Mistress Elizabeth Usgate.

" An English lady."f

1758. Sept. 23. Rev. Mr. Charles Holloway.f 1758. Oct. 30. Francis Browne, Esq., " Consul

at Aleppo. "t

1760. Jan. 10. Anna Sophia Vernon. 1762. Mar. 3. Mr. Richard Newton, " died of

an erysipelas."

1762. Oct. 31. Mr. Francis Hughes. 1764. Feb. 6. Mistress Elizabeth Edwards. 1769. July 29. Mr. Joseph Hopkins, " nephe .

of Mr. David Hays."

1775. Aug. 11. Mary, infant daughter of Jasper

and Eleanor Shaw.

1776. Jan. 26. Ann Edwards.

1776. Dec. 22. John Abbott, " son of the

Consul." 1781. May 28. Francesca Nicolette Edwards.

1781. Aug. 6. Harriet Hays.

Under the date 1770 is the entry " Rev, Robert Foster came to Aleppo 29 May," after which occur records of persons abjuring the Roman Catholic faith, and embracing the " Religione Anglicana," as it is called in one or two cases.

1776. Jan. 25. Moses Ishah, an Italian Jew, received into the English Church in the presence of the greater part of the English Factory, by the name of Eleazar, being 26 years of age.

1779. June 9. Mr. John Hussey, Chaplain,, came to Aleppo.

1782. June 10. Mr. John Hussey departed.

  • Hamilton Lang in his book ' Cyprus ' (London,

1878, p. 334) states that George Smith was the discoverer of the ancient Cypriot syllabic mode of writing.

f "As there was no Protestant Clergyman at this time in Aleppo, the Funeral Service was read over the graves of the three above-mentioned persons by the British Cancellier, Mr. Jno- Brand Kirkhouse."