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In the sams register book is a page devoted to the marriage certificate of Mr. John Boddington, who for a short period acted as Consul in Cyprus :

1759. Aug. 10th. I performed the marriage cere- mony according to the Church of England between Mr. John Boddington, Consul for his Brittanic Mi jest y at Cyprus, and Maria Francoise Rhym- baud of French extraction, in the Consulary house at Cyprus in the presence of William Kinloch, Esq., Consul of Aleppo, Mr. John Abbott, Mr. Elwin Sandys, Mr. James Willy, and Mr. Macleod.

As witness my hand

THO. DAWES. Chaplain of the British Factory in Aleppo.

GEO. JEFFERY, F.S.A., Nicosia, Cyprus. Curator Ancient Monuments.




To the historian a list of histories of the towns and counties of Ireland will prove useful. In a few instances I have gone outside the chosen limits, and included books which only trench on this interesting and instructive field of Anglo -Irish literature. May I ask the aid of readers for further data ?


Notes on the Early History of the Dioceses of Tuam, Killala, and Achonry, by H. T. Knox, with map, 1904.


Account of Antrim, by Dobbs, 1683.

Letters on the Northern Coast of Antrim : its Antiquities, Customs, Manners, and Natural History, by the Rev. Wm. Hamilton, post 8vo, Belfast, 1786.

Statistical Survey of Co. Antrim, Natural History, Round Towers, Antiquities, &c., with Observa- tions on the Means of Improvement, by (lev. John Dubourdieu, many large folding plates, 2 vols., 8vo, boards, Dublin Society, 1812.

History of Antrim, 1822.

Coal Districts of the Counties of Tyrone and Antrim, by Richard Griffiths, coloured plates, 8vo, cloth/ 1829.

History of Antrim, by Kempton, 1861.

Outlines of the Rocks of Antrim, by David Smith, illustrated, crown 8vo, cloth, Belfast, 1868.

Antrim and Down, by Craik, London, 1887.


Dialogue, by Barton, Dublin, 1751.

Lough Neagh : Lectures on the Petrification, Gems, Crystals, and Sanative Quality of Lough Neagh, and the Natural History of the Con- tiguous Counties, by Richard Barton, folding plates and maps, 4to, calf, Dublin, 1751.

Statistical Survey of Co. Armagh, with Observa- tions on the Means of Improvement, by Sir Charles Coote, Bart., 2 maps, 8vo, boards, Dublin Society, 1804.

Historical Memoii-s of the City of Armagh for

1,373 Years, by James Stuart, with illustra- tions, 8vo, boards, Newry, 1819.

New edition, revised and largely rewritten,

by the Rev. Ambrose Coleman, small 4to, cloth,

1900. Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down, Connor, and

Dromore, Taxation of these Dioceses, compiled

in 1806, by Bishop Reeves, 4to, 1847. Ancient Churches, Armagh, by Bishop Reeves,

I860. Record of the City of Armagh from Earliest

Period, by Edward Rogers, plates, small 4to,

cloth, 1861. History of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh, by

Rev. John Gallogly, crown 8vo, cloth, Dublin,

1880. Memoir of Armagh Cathedral, with an Account

of the Ancient City, by Edward Rogers, crown

8vo, cloth, 1881. Architect's Report of St. Patrick's Cathedral,

Armagh, by Rev. John Gallogly, crown 8vo,

sewed, 1886.


Avoca and its Vale, by Rev. P. Dempsey, Dublin, 1913.


Ballintubber Castle, by Dr. R. P. McDonnell, Ros- common, 1913.


Notes on the Antiquities of the United Parishes of Ballycallan, Kilmanagh, and Killaloe, by Rev. J. Holohan, 8vo, covers, 1875.


Ballyshannon : its History and Antiquities, by Hugh Allingham, crown 8vo, cloth, London- derry, 1879.

BALLYSODARE. History of Ballysodare, by O'Rorke, Dublin, 1878.-


History of Balrothery, by H. A. Hamilton and R. Scriven, Dublin, 1876.


The History of Bandon and the Principal Towns in the West Riding of County Cork, by George Bennett, portrait and plate, 8vo, cloth, Cork,


Belfast : Historical Collections relative to the Town of Belfast, from the Earliest Period to the Union, frontispiece, 8vo, half calf, Belfast, 1817.

History of Belfast, by Mackay, Belfast, 1823.

History of Belfast, by Benn, Belfast, 1877.

The Town Book of the Corporation of Belfast,. 1613-1816, edited from the original by R. M. Young, Chronological List of Events, and Notes, Maps, and Illustrations, Belfast, 1892.

Historical Notices of Old Belfast and its Vicinity, edited by R. M. Young, with maps and illus- trations, royal 8vo, cloth, Belfast, 1896.

History of Belfast, by MacComb, Belfast.


The Battle of Benburb, by Henry O'Tuohill, 4to,. 24 pp., privately printed, 1911.

BOYLE. Annals of Boyle, by Dalton, 1845.