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NOTES AND QUERIES. [11 8. XL FEB. e. 1015.

According to John Foster Kirk's ' Supple- ment to Allibone's Critical Dictionary,' " Jacob Larwood " is a pseudonym for L. R. Sadler, author of ' The Book of Clerical Anecdote,' 'The Story of the London Parks,' ' Theatrical Anecdotes,' and 'Forensic Anecdotes.' According to the Dictionary, lie was author, " with John Camden Hotten," of ' The History of Sign- Boards.' This joint authorship is an- nounced on the title-page of the 6th ed. ; also in nn advertisement of the 4th ed., in Hotten's List for 1873, at the end of

  • Clubs and Club Life in London.'

But in Hotten's Catalogue, at the end of my' copy of ' Artemus Ward (his Travels) among the Mormons,' 1865, one of the " announcements of New and Interesting Books " is " The History of Signboards from the Earliest

Times to the Present Day By Jacob Larwood

assisted by another Old Hand."

Although this announcement is in a book dated 1865, ' The History of Signboards ' appears to have been first published in 1866. See ' Preliminary ' in ' Clubs and Club Life in London,' by John Timbs, where, under date 7 Nov., 1872, it is stated : " Six years ago the publisher [i.e., Hotten] of the present work issued a ' History of Signboards.' " In this latter book the "" one hundred illus- trations in fac -simile " are, according to the title-page of the 6th ed., by " J. Larwood."

'Taking the Air; or, the Story of our London Parks,' by Jacob Larwood, is an- nounced as a " New Book on the London Parks/' price 18s., in two volumes, in Hotten's List for 1870, at the end of my copy of Hotten's reprint of ' Tom & Jerry Life in London.'

For books by, or edited by, or with intro- ductions by, John Camden Hotten see Allibone's ' Dictionary,' under ' Syntax, Dr.,' arid Kirk's ' Supplement,' under"' Hot- ten, John Camden.'

What a vast amount of trouble would be saved if all publishers would date their books and all editions thereof !


REV. LEWIS WAY (US. xi. 49). MB. SOLOMONS will find some particulars of this gentleman on p. 453 of vol. xi. of the Fifth Series of ' X. & Q.' He was the second son of Benjamin Way of Denham Place, Ux- bridge, M.P. for Bridport, and F.R S He matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford, 22 April, 1790, graduated B.A. 14 Jan., 1793 and became a Fellow of Merton and M.A

Oct., 1796. He took an active part in

the establishment of the first English chapel in Paris. He married, on 31 Dec., 1801, Mary, eldest daughter and coheiress of the Rev. Herman Drewe. He died at Barford. near Leamington, 23 Jan., 1840. He was the author of the following works : (a) ' Thoughts on the Scriptural Expectations of the Christian Church ' (Gloucester, 1823, 8vo) ; (6) ' Palingenesia, the World to Come ' (London, Martin Bossage, 1824, 8vo). Mr. Albert Way, F.S.A. (founder of the Royal Archaeological Institute), was his only son.

Lewis Way once resided at Stanstead Park, Sussex. He inherited a large fortune from a namesake who was not a relative. I have an impression that he took into his house at one time a colony of Jews to convert them, but that they " lifted " his silver spoons, and thus gave rise to some poetry which I cannot remember.



THOMAS BRADBURY, LORD MAYOR (11 S. x. 490 ; xi. 52). It may be interesting to give the will of the sister who was married to John Josselyn. She is in the direct line of the Jocelyns, and the will is likely to have been overlooked, as it appears under the name of " Phillip Josselyn " of High Rodyng, Essex, widow, 15 Oct., 1530 (Commissary of London, Essex, and Herts). She directs that she is to be buried in the ' pryorie of Kynge Hatfeld," by her hus- band John Josselyn, and leaves 2Qd. to the high altar of High Roding. Sundry rich plate to Anne her daughter and her daughter Wentworth. Also to Mary Josselyn. To Thomas J. my son. To Peter, Henry, and Clare, my son Wentworth's children, " 3 gobletts playne all gylte with the covers to the same gobletts belonging." To John, Richard, and Thomas Josselyn, "gobletts." Some honest priest to " synge masses " at priory for 12 months for my brother Henrye Bradburye of London. To Leonard Jos- selyn. To Anne and Johanne Wentworth, gowns. Do. to my daughter-in-law Dorathe Josselyn. Do. to my cousin Elizabeth, late Rauffe Josselyn's wife. To my cousin Annes, John Wyseman's wife. Lease of farm to John Wyseman. To William Brad- bury, the younger son to my cousin William Bradburye the elder, 10Z. To my cousin Humfrey Fitzherbert and his wife a gown. To my ladye Gate do. Executors, son-in- law Nycholas Wentworth and son Thomas Josselyn and John Wyseman. Witnesses, two priests and others.