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WE must request correspondents desiring in- formation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries, in order that answers may be sent to them direct.

PHILIP AND MARY SWINBURNE, 1779. I have plaster casts (medallions) of the above, probably husband and wife or brother and sister. I should be glad to know if they were in any way connected with Algernon Charles Swinburne or to what family they belonged.

JOHN LANE. The Bo.lley Ileai, Vigo Street, \V.

ROBERT INGLIS'S EDITION OF SHAKE- SPEARE. In 1864 Robert Inglis's edition of Shakespeare was published in one volume by Messrs. Gall & Inglis of Edinburgh. It was illustrated by a number of steel plates, fancifully imagined, well drawn, and exceed- ingly well engraved. But the names of neither the artist nor the engraver were given. The publishers appear to have no record of these details, and after the lapse of time can afford no information on the subject. Can any of your readers enlighten me ?


21, Gulogan Gardens, S.W.

DUCK'S STORM : GOOSE'S STORM. On a wet and windy morning recently, I heard a Hertford roadman remark to a comrade that he -"didn't know whether it was going to be a duck's storm or a goose's." The ex- pression is new to me. Is it used in other parts of the country, and which storm is the worse 'i E. E. SQUIRES.

THE " FINGERS " OF THE CLOCK. -In giving evidence before a magistrate recently, a witness alluded to the "fingers" of the clock, instead of the "hands" ; and a watch- maker tells me this is not at all an unusual term in Norwich to be applied both to clocks and watches. Can any reader of ' N. & Q." tell me whether this is peculiar to Norfolk? FREDERICK T. HIBGAME.

10, Essex Street, Norwich.

NORBURY: MOORE: DAVIS: WARD. A property in the co. Fermanagh called Knockballymore belonged successively to the above families. In 1692 it was apparently in the possession of Norbury ; in 1695 of Moore ; and subsequently of' Davis, Ward, &c. I should be glad 'of information of a genealogical character respecting these wners. Sic; MA TAU.

COCKBURN. Will some reader inform me of the meaning of the name Cockbnrn, and how it came to be pronounced Coburn ?

J. F. JENKINS. Minneapolis.

ANSTRUTHER, FIFE : SCOTT OF BAL- COMIE. I should be very glad to have information (1) about the early history of the town of Anstruther, Fife, and of a club- which once existed there, the club of the " Beggar's Benison " ; (2) about General Scott of Balcomie, Fife, father-in-law of George Canning. D. B.

CONFUCIUS IN ' TRISTRAM SHANDY.' In vol. v. chap. xxv. of ' Tristram Shandy,' in a foot-note we read :

" Mr. Shandy is supposed to mean ****** *****%

Esq., member for * '**, , and not the-

Chinese Legislator."

Can any correspondent inform me who- was the member of Parliament alluded to ?

R. F. W. B.

PERCY FITZGERALD ON DR. JOHNSON AKI> HANNAH MORE. My copy of Boswell's ' Life of Dr. Johnson ' is of the cheap issue published by Bliss. & Sands in 1897, and edited by Percy Fitzgerald. The editor says that he has made the Index " himself," " after considerable thought and labour." In this- Index I turn to Hannah More, and find the following : " More, Hannah, ' empty- headed ' (?), 270." I turn to p. 270, arid read :

" He fDr. Johnson] would not allow me [Boswell}' to praise a lady 218 then at Bath : observing, ' She- does not gain upon me, Sir ; I think her empty- headed.' "

The reference "218" is to Fitzgerald's notes at the end of the book. I turn this number up in the notes, and find " 218 Miss Monkton, afterward 'the old Lady Cork."" On p. 417 I. read of the Doctor addressing Miss Monkton, and telling her to her face- that she is ; ' a dunce. " Is not the above entry in the Index a mistake ? Is the note of interrogation after ' empty -headed " a proof that .Fitzgerald felt the incongruity of it as applied to Hannah More, forgetting that in the notes he did not so apply it t Or is there something in some edition of the ' Life ' to make Fitzgerald doubt betvveeu- the two ladies ? T. LLECHTD JONES.

WILLIAM ROBERTS, ESQ. The ' Life of Mrs. Hannah More,' by William Roberts,. Esq., was published in two volumes in 1838. Who was the author ?