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11 8. XL MAR. 6, 1915.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


DR. BENAMOR. I should be glad of any information concerning Dr. Benamor, who was, I believe, a well-known doctor and a Turk by birth. He was a friend of John Newton, and lived in Milman Street. He is mentioned in a note at 11 S. vii. 261.


HAYMAN DRAWINGS. A copy of More's ' Fables,' illustrated by Francis Hayman, in which the original drawings were bound up with the prints, belonged to Dr. Chauncey, then to White, bookseller in Fleet Street. In 1795 it again changed hands for eleven guineas, and was later acquired by Mr. Baker of St. Paul's Churchyard. Who was its next owner ? and where is it now ?


ORIGIN OF QUOTATION WANTED. I should be obliged if any reader could tell me the origin and the continuation of the following lines :

When little children sleep, the Virgin Mary Steps with white feet upon the crescent moon.

They are quoted in a book recently pub- lished which deals with the Tarnowska story. I gather that they are translated from an Italian or, less likely, Kussian nursery rime. GEOFFREY RUSSELL.

Reform Club, Pall Mall, S.W.

MEANING OF " CTJLEBATH" : FLABELLUM. In the ' Thes. Palseohib.,' ii. 8, the Irish word culebath is explained as fldbettum, that is, the fan anciently used to drive away flies from the chalice during the celebration of the Eucharist. Is this correct ?

WILLIAM MACARTHUR. 79, Talbot Street, Dublin.

COUNTIES OF SOUTH CAROLINA : SKOT- TOWE. The will of Thomas Skottowe, who was Secretary of State to the province 1762-5, mentions, among other bequests :

"To my son Thomas Britiffe Skottowe.... also 500 acres in Berkley County on the waters of

Saluda River. . . .to my son N. B. S also 500

acres in Craven County on the south side of Enoree River. .. .bounding westwardly on the Indian land. . . .also 500 acres in Craven County on a small branch of Enoree River. . . .bounded on other sides by vacant lands. . . .and 500 in Craven County on a small branch called Abner's Creek. . . .bounded on other sides by vacant lands . . . .and 300 in Craven County on the north side of the middle fork of Tyger River." All these rivers are well up country, far away from the sea. On the present map Saluda River is far away from Berkley County. Was South Carolina before 1776 divided into three long narrow strips, Gran-

ville, Berkley, and Craven Counties (with possibly a fourth), which each stretched from the coast to the western frontier (the Indian and vacant lands), and which have since been cut up into small modern counties ?

B. C. S.

GENERAL GOFF'S REGIMENT. I have lately purchased a pamphlet entitled

" The Humble Remonstrance of the Commission Officers and Private Soldiers of Major General Goffs Regiment (so called) of Foot, presented to His Excellency The Lord Fleetwood And the General Council of Officers of the Army at Walling- ford House on April 26. 1659. London. Printed in the Year, 1659."

The sub-title describes the signatories as " the now Commission Officers and Private Souldiers," which I take to be a misprint for non-commission officers, &c.

The list of four hundred or so names which follows contains none which indicates any rank. Many of the names are probably mis- printed. " Harlope " may be intended for Hartop, and " Semance " for Simmons ; " Grenil " might be Greville, and " Renouls,"' Reynolds. Other curious names are Flid, Sewestor, Hearecastell, Jellibrowne, Deari- fould, and Predgit.

Is the pamphlet dealt with in any military histories ? I shall be glad of any other references to the regiment, in print or other- wise. P. D. MUNDY.

WRIGHT OF ESSEX. Is the birthplace known of Thomas Wright, the author of ' The History and Topography of the County of Essex ' ? or are there descendants living who could trace his family back to a "Mary Wright, ob. 20 March, 1763, setat. 44 "? E. F. WILLIAMS.

FRENCH RECRUITING BEFORE NAPOLEON. Is there any authority for believing that in France (1) the violet was a recruiting ser- geant's badge before the time of Napoleon I. ? (2) Thomas was a generic name for a soldier or for a recruit ? There are certain medallic types of Louis XIV. ? s time which suggest the above. SLEUTH-HOUND.

" POISSON DE JONAS." Under the word- ' Requin ' in Wilson's ' French Dictionary ? (1855) is the explanation, " Poisson de Jonas, poisson a deux cents dents : animal de mer cetacee et cartilagineux." We usually con- nect Jonah with the whale, not the shark. In French Bibles, so far as I am aware, only the word "poisson" occurs: "Jonas de- meura dans le poisson trois jours et trois