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ii s. XL MAR. 13, 1915.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


FAMILY OF HENRY VATJGHAN. Can any reader throw light upon the history of the "Silurist ? s" descendants? I well know the seventeenth -century part, but desire information as to the eighteenth century, when there occurs a break in the family history. E. V.

Tpt'a KaTTTra KaKiora. In The Times of 2 Feb., over the signature H. A. D. Surridge, appeared the question, "Should we not now read the old Greek proverb thus : K/WTTTT, Kaca-ap, Kv\rvp, aitv rpia Kairira K^KUTTO, ?

Can any reader indicate the original word- ing of the " old Greek proverb " referred to ?

G. M. H. P.

"THE READER OF LIVERPOOL. What is the reference in the following title of a tract circa 1642 ?

" Dr. Cosins his Visitation at Warrington, with Divers Presentments and Censures therein passed, together with a True Story of the Reader of Liver- pool."

R. S. B.

MORD AUNT'S 'OBITUARY.' About ten years ago a Mr. Mordaunt published the first part of an Index of the deaths recorded in Jackson's Oxford Journal, 1753-1853. This first part included the years 1753-5. Were further parts issued ? and was the Index completed ? Inquiries from booksellers and at libraries have been fruitless.


[Vol. I. of Mr. E. A. B. Mordaunt's Index ' was noticed at 10 S. iii. 499.]

" THE RED, WHITE, AND BLUE." Can any one give the reason for so many nations using red, white, and blue as the colours of their flags ? Great Britain, France, Russia, the Netherlands, Servia, Montenegro all have them in varying order.


" PEACE WITH HONOUR." The previous owner of a book which has recently come into my possession has noted in it that the well-known expression used by Lord Beacons- field, after his return from the Berlin Con- ference in 1878, was " copied by him from Bolingbroke." If this is so, I shall be grateful for the reference. I am aware of the use of the words by Sir Anthony Weldon in 1650. A. C. C.

[We may remind our readers that the general question of the origin of this phrase has already been abundantly discussed in pur columns. See for a selection of examples 9 S. vii. 240.]

' NAPOLEON AT FONTAINEBLEAU AND ELBA,' BY SIR NEIL CAMPBELL. I should be much obliged by a (paged) quotation from this book (London, 1869), giving Napoleon's admiring estimate of ' Paradise Lost,' and his statement of the advantageous use by him, at the battle of Austerlitz, of the stratagem of the advance of the Infernal artillery,


On every side with shadowing squadrons deep, To hide the fraud.

' P. L.,' book vi. lines 553-5.

I. S.

THOMAS RAVIS, BISHOP OF LONDON. Mr. Hennessy in his ' Novum Ecclesiasticum Parochiale Londinense ' saj that the Bishop " married the Lady Bor- lace." Who was she ? and when did this marriage take place ? The ' D.N.B.,' xlvii. 319, makes no mention of any marriage.

G. F. R. B.

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION WANTED.- I should be glad to obtain further information concerning the parentage and career of the following Old Westminsters : ( 1 ) William Ridge, K.S. 1684. (2) George Ridsdale, K.S. 1739, son of William Ridsdale of Car- narvon. (3) Richard Roberts of Ch. Ch., Oxon., B.A. 1693, son of Edmund Roberts of London. (4) Thomas Robinson of Trin. Coll., Camb., M.A. 1622. (5) John Rogers of Trin. Coll., Camb., B.A. 1604/5. (6) William Rogers, K.S. 1699. (7) Gabriel Rosse of Trin. Coll., Camb., M.A. 1600. (8) William Rosse of Trin. Coll., Camb., M.A. 1577.

(9) Jacob Rowe of Trin. Coll., Camb., M.A. 1755, son of Isaac Rowe of Fowey, Cornwall.

(10) John Rowland of Trin. Coll., Camb., B.A. 1664/5. (11) Roger Royston of Trir. Coll., Camb., M.A. 1698. (12) George Ryall of Trin. Coll., Camb., M.A. 1584/5, who became Rector of Middleton, Essex, 1591.

G. F. R. B.


letter dated 1853, written by E. H. Wain- wright, who, I presume, was at that time Rector of the parish, as it is headed " The Rectory, Acton -Burnell, Shrewsbury." In this letter Mr. Wainwright speaks of his ' History of Acton-Burnell,' which contains full details and pedigrees of the Garbett family. Can any reader say if this history was ever published, or give any information about the Garbett family ?


F.R.Hist.S., F.R.S.A. Foden Road, Walsall.