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NOTES AND QUERIES. [ii s. XL MA*, is, 1915.

THE BROTHERHOOD OF ST. SULPICE. The Times for 16 Oct., 1897, in a leading article on Dr. C. J. Vaughan, Dean of Llandaff and Master of the Temple, mentions that the above-named Brotherhood had been started in Paris for the conversion of England to Romanism, and that

" yesterday, in all the churches of the French capital, was read a pastoral letter from the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris commending the work of this Brotherhood to the prayers and co-operation of the faithful, and expressing pious hopes that the union of England with the Roman Church may ii? due time be brought about."

The Society of St. Sulpice was founded in Paris in 1642 for the purpose of providing directors for seminaries. Can any one tell me if the Brotherhood is an offshoot from the Society, and give me particulars about it, and say if it still exists ?


The Firs, "Norton, Worcester.

MARYBONE LANE AND SWALLOW STREET. Marybone Lane appears in MR. ALECK ABRAHAMS'S article, ante, p. 65, as an alterna- tive name to Swallow Street. In Hughson's 'Walks in London,' 1817, a map shows a thoroughfare starting from the top of the Haymarket to Glasshouse Street, which bears the name of Marybone Lane, but which does not in any part of its course coincide with Swallow Street. Can any reader say how this lane came by the name of Marybone Lane ? I noticed this a long time ago, but thought it an error until I read the article on St. Thomas's Church, Regent Street, H. A. H.

BELINUS. There seems considerable doubt about the dates when Belinus, son of Donal, became King of Britain, and when he died. According to the Camden Society's volume for 1846, he is first heard of B.C. 310, and was still living B.C. 360, but the ' Chro- nicles par Waurin ' (see ' Calendar of State Papers ') do not agree with this. Information on the point, together with accepted data concerning kings and other persons of note associated with Britain down to A.D. 790 bearing any resemblance to this personal appellation, would be esteemed.


Point House, Exmouth.

BALLARD'S LANE, FINCHLEY. Can any one kindly tell me how and when Ballard's Lane, Finchley, obtained its name ? It must have been in existence in 1575, for Air. William Godolphin (the great-uncle of Sidney Godolphin), who died in or about December, 1575, and was buried in the

north chapel of the Parish Church of Finch - ley, is described as of " Ballards Lane; Parish, Finchley; County, Middlesex."

I have made several inquiries without result, and not any of the books I have con- suited give any information upon the subject. Biggar s book mentions little about Finchley in olden times, and I think nothing of Ballard's Lane. W. H. VAUGHAN.


THEATRICAL LIFE, 1875-85. -- What weekly periodicals, other than The Stage, The Theatre, The Era, and regular news- papers, describe theatrical events in London Detween 1875 and 1885 ? Those with sketches or portraits preferred.

X. L. P.

THE ROYAL REGIMENT or ARTILLERY. Major William H. C. Benezet, Royal Artillery, died in Ceylon on 22 Sept., 1814. Wanted the second and third Christian names, and the place of death.

J. H. LESLIE, Major.

31, Kenwood Park Road, Sheffield.

LEITENS. I possess a large old MS. copy- book dealing with the years 1698-1704. It is endorsed on the cover, " The Coppy Booke of Leitens. London ye 23 Dec, 1698,'" and from the contents was evidently the letter-book of a firm of merchants dealing with the Levant and other parts in oils, drugs, &c. Can any reader inform me who " Leitens " w r as, and what became of this old business ? I can find no trace of it in the City of London to-day.


' LIFE ' : POEM RECITED BY CLIFFORD HARRISON. I should like to know where I could find a very charming and touching poem called ' Life,' which was constantly recited by the late Clifford Harrison. In fact, if memory serves, it was the last item on the programme of the last public recital he gave, shortly before his death. The poem was anonymous, and the last line of each verse ran,

And this it is to have lived.


1, Pump Court, Temple, E.G.

' THE FRUIT GIRL.' Can any reader tell me if the picture called ' The Fruit Girl,' by James Northcote, R.A., and exhibited in 1785 as No. 172 in the Cata- logue, has ever been reproduced or engraved, and, if so, where a copy can be obtained ?


6, Bombay Street, Leeds.