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CONTENTS.-No. 277.

INOTES: An Alphabet of Stray Notes, 293 Rochdale Dialect Words of the Fifties, 295 Inscriptions at Alassio, 296 'La Brabanconne' Electro-Plating and its Dis coverers, 297" Peril garpent "Black Man Churchwarden Thackeray's Latin" Queenie " Thrale, 298.

QUERIES: " Statesian " " The turf "Salt zburgers sent to Georgia, 1734 Capt, Simmonds Francis Medhop Authors Wanted Brian Duppa " Well ! of all and of all ! " 299 Sir John Moore and the Gordon Highlanders- Jam in Commerce Gregor Family Biographical Infor- mation Wanted Tetherington Image of All Saints- Wellington on Cricket, 300 -Disraeli's Life: Emanuel Greek Proverb Printers' Work Portrait of Miss Sarah Andrew as Sophia Western Price Family A Penny Note, 301 Alexander Whitchurch John Adams, Mutineer of the Bounty, 302.

REPLIES : General Bibliography relating to Gretna Green, 302 Judges addressed as "Your Lordship": John Udall General Goffs Regiment, 303 Cromwell's Ironsides: " Lobsters " = Cuirassiers The Rise of the Hohenzollerns The Zanzigs, 304 Dr. Edward King Norbury : Moore: Davis: Ward De Quincey Puzzle 4 A Tale of a Tub' Murphy and Flynn, 305 Authors Wanted History of England with Riming Verses " Scots " = " Scotch," 306 Tubular Bells in Church Steeples Our National Anthem : Standard Version, 307 Russian National Anthem, 308 "The tune the old cow died of," 309 J. Hill Barbados Filtering Stones, 310.

JfOTKS ON BOOKS : ' The Correspondence of Jonathan Swift' 'The Burlington.'

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Notices to Correspondents.


AN ALPHABET OF STRAY NOTES. (See ante, p. 261.)

Cadiz. Long account, in thirteen chapters, of the attack by the Earl of Essex in 1596. Book VI. of Geron de la Concepcion's ' Cadiz ilustrada,' 1690.

Cambridge. The ' Directorium Sacerdotum ' or ' Pica Sar.,' printed by Pynson in 1503, was edited by Master Clerke, chanter of King's College, to whom the work was committed by " veneranda semperque laudanda studii disciplinarum universitas Cantabrigien."

"Canterbury. List of the names of the monks of Ch. Ch. from 1207 to 1527. Corp. Chr. Coll. Cambr. MS. 298, art. 9.

Carthusian Priories. Rawlinson MS. D. 318 (formerly * Liber domus Salutacionis matris Dei prope Londonias ordinis Cartus.') contains various injunctions of the Order in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, with the names of Priors of some of the smaller cells.

Carthusian Priories :

Shene. First prior, 1417, John Wyd- rington. John Ingilby, prior 1491-4.

" Vallis Virtutis " (?), founded by the King of Scotland. First prior, 1430, Oswald Cordis.

Hull, St. Michael. Widrington, prior, resigned 1430.

Axholme. Richard Burton, made prior in 1441 to repair that house as he repaired Henton.

Henton, " Locus Dei." John Luscote, prior, 1368. Prior of Beau Vale made prior of Henton in 1439.

Beau Vale. H., Vicar of Beau Vale, made prior in 1439.

Witham. Thomas Pollard of Henton made prior in 1442. John Pester prior in 1451, in place of Richard Vielle, deprived.

Coventry. Robert Odyham, sacrist, made prior in 1457.

Mountgrace. Allowed to have the burial of the Duke of Exeter, who had founded six cells (?).

" Castles in Spain." Albertus Magnus in Part V. of his ' Philosophia Pauperum,' ' De Anima,' cap. xvi., says that the imagination " facit castra in Hispania, et fingit chimeras et hircocervos." ' Opp.,' vol. xxi. p. 43. Catharine of Arragon. Alph. de Villa-sancta

Published his defence of indulgences against uther at her solicitation. Dedication to his ' Problema Indulgentiarum,' Lond., 1523.

Cats. Engraving of a cat with a mouse in her mouth on the title-page of ' Albuma- saris Flores Astrologise,' printed by J. B. Sessa at Venice, sine anno.

Champaigne (Pierre de), Esquire of the Body to Henry VIII. Printed a melange of medical, theological, and literary tracts (beginning with Will, de Saliceto) at London in 1509 (printer, Rich. Fax) for the benefit of the King and Queen Catharine.

Charles I.- Engraving of a new coin of his, with " Exurgat Deus, dissipentur inimici," &c. P. 3 of ' A Warning-peice to all his Majesties subjects of England, being the complaint of them that were brought prisoners from Cyrencester,' 1642, 4to.

Charles II. Pardoned Thomas Rosewell, a Non -conformist minister, at the inter- cession of Mrs. Eleanor James, who came to him at 11 o'clock at night when he was in bed. Mrs. James's * Prayer for the Queen,' &c., 1710.