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Charlett (Dr. Arthur). Anecdote of his being lighted home with a silver tankard by a tipsy servant. ' Address to the Inhabitants of Oxford ' (about lighting the streets), 1764, p. 8.

Charms. Charm against toothache : of our Lord curing St. Peter, holding his hand to his face ; in French. Digby MS. 86, fol. 30.

" Diabolus portantem [hypericon sive herbam S t! Johannis] appropinquare non potest nisi per novem pedum spacium .... Cor balense ligatum ad arborem navis preservat a periclitacione et fulgure. . . . Cor ursi gestantem se divitem et vlarem facit." Digby MS. 164, fol. 72.

" To untye a knot without touching. Goe into a wood, and find where a pye hath builded her nest and hath young ones, and tye some string round about the hole where she goeth in, the which when she shall perceive she immediately flyes for a certaine herbe which she puts to the knot, which presently breaketh it ; then falleth the herbe downe, which thou mayest take up and reserve to such a purpose." Bawl. MS. D. 1447, f. 99 b .

Charm against a waterspout. " Some distance from them the captain or any one in the ship kneels down by the mast with a knife in his hand with a black handle, and, reading in St. John the verse of our Saviour's Incarnation, " Et verbum caro facta est et habitavit in nobis," &c., turns towards the spout with the inchanted knife in his hand, makes a motion in the air as if he would cut it in two, which he says breaks in the middle, and the inclos'd water falls with a noise into the sea." Rawl. MS. C. 841, f. 5 b (1701).


Hiis proprietatibus bonus casens debet carere Non nix, non Argus, Mathusale, Magdala rieque, Non Esau, Lazarus ; caseus ego bonus.

Rawl. MS. (B.)332, fly-leaf.

" You have seen, it 's likely, a person (pardon the instance I use, because it \s familiar), as soon as the cheese after meal has been set on the board, presently make scurvy faces and change colour, stop his nose, or run in haste out of the room." - Patrick's Preface to his ' Continuation r of [the Friendlv Debate,' 1669.

Cherokees. Derivation by Langford of the name from the Hebrew, implying the shaved or bald-pafed people ! Nichols's ' Lit. Anecd.,' viii. 232.

Chess. Remarks on the Persian game, and account of a variation invented by the- Duke of Rutland, in Greg. Sharpe's * Pro- legg.' to ' Syntagma Dissertationum Tho.. Hyde,' 4to,Oxf., 1767, vol. i. pp. xxiv, xxv Commentary upon it, resembling Pope- Innocent's, in C. P. Hattron's ' Aula,. Otium,' &c., Brux., 1619.

Among the Irish. See O'Donovan's ' Book of Rights,' 1847.

Chimneys. Licence granted to Dr. John Colladon and Alex. Marchant to use their new invention for the preventing of smoking chimneys, 1 May, 1663. RawL MS. A. 248, f. 58."

Chippenham. Weekly lectures there in 159O. Account of Chalforit, the Vicar, preaching- against Wisedome, one of the lecturers,, personally, to his face. Preface to Alex.. Hume's ' Reioynder to Dr. Hill ' (1593).

Church Music. Practice of, and reason for,, an organ -voluntary after the Lessons. ' Certaine Considerations touching the Better Pacification of the Church of England,' 1640.

Clarendon (E. Hyde, Earl of). The original MSS. of his ' Tracts,' when first printed in 1727, were on view at the publisher's, T. Woodward's. Advertised list of books at the end of [Hayes's] ' Vind. of the- Septuagiiit,' 1735.

Cliffe, Kent. William Cleve, Rector of Clyve, bought Bodl. MS. 110 of J. Pye, a London stationer, 10 Aug., 4 Edw. IV. ^ and left it to Will. Camyl, the chaplain of a chantry, and his successors.

Clonferfc (Diocese of). Schools established,, and Gother's Roman Catholic books dis- tributed, by Bp. Law, 1785. See Appendix to Home's ' Sermon on Sunday Schools,' 1786. J

Coaches. Stage-coach fare from London to Oxford, ten shillings in 1663. ' Journal' des Voyages de M. Monconys,' Lyon, 1666,. Part II. p. 48.

Coinage. Crown-pieces of Edward VI. and Elizabeth in circulation in 1683. Rawl.. MS. D. 18, f. 80 b .

Communion (Holy). Wine mixed with- water in Ch. Ch. Cathedral, and always at Oxford Castle, in Wesley's time. Tyer*- man's ' Life of Wesley.'

Psalm customarily sung in the church served by John Lewis of Margate imme- diately after all have communicated. Rawl. MS. C. 411, f. 128.

Arrangement of " settles " in the chancel of Clavering church, Essex, at the ad- ministration sanctioned by the Bishop of: London, 1621. Rawl. MS.' D. 818, 127.