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NOTES AND QUERIES. [11 s. xi. JAN. 9, 1915.

Rationes,' of which an edition was published in 1606.

3. The converted Jew. 1630. Published in the name of John Clare, but, according to Mr. Gillow, not written by him.

L The English nunne : being a treatise, wherein (by way of dialogue) the author endeavoureth to draw young and unmarried Catholike gentlewomen to imbrace a votary, and religious life ; written by N. N. ; hereunto is annexed a short discourse to the abbesses and religious women of all the English monasteries in the Low Countreys and France. 1642.

5. Keepe your text.

6. The life of Luther, collected from the writings of himselfe and other learned Protestants ; together with a further discourse touching Melancton, Bucer, Ochine, Calvine, Beza, &c., the late pretended reformers of religion, by John Brereley, priest. 1610. Another edi- tion was issued at St. Omers in 1624.

7. Luther's Alcoran.

8. The lyturgie of the Masse, concerning the sacrifice, real presence, and service in Latin. [1610 ?] Another edition was printed at Colen, 1620.

9. Maria Triumphans : being a discourse,

wherein, by way of dialogue (between Mariadulus and Mariamastix), the B. Virgin Mary, Mother of God, is defended and vindi- cated from all such dishonours and indigni- ties with which the precisians of these our dayes are accustomed unjustly to chargfe her. [Dedication signed N. N.] 1635.

10. Miscellanea, by N. N., P. {i.e., John Brereley,


11. One God, one faith. 1625. This was printed by Roger Anderton at the secret press at Birchley Hall.

12. The progenie of catholiks and protestants.

Roven, 1632. Second edition, 1634 ; third edition, 1663.

13. The Protestants apologie for the Roman

church, divided into three severall tractes, wherof the first concerneth the antiquity & continuance of the Roman church & religion, ever since the Apostles times ; that the Protestants religion was not so much as in being, at, or before Luthers first appearing ; the second, that the marks of the true church are apperteyning to the Roman, and wholy wanting to the severall churches, begun by Luther & Calvin ; the third, that Catholicks are no lesse loyall, and dutifull to their soveraigne, than Protestants ; all which is undertaken, & proved by testi- monies of the learned Protestants themselves, with a conclusion to the reverend judges, and other the grave and learned sages of the law, by John Brereley, Priest, &c. The first edition was probably printed at the Ander- tons' secret press at Lostock in 1604, before the author became a Jesuit. A second edition was issued in 1608, and a translation into Latin was made by William Reyner in 1615.

14. Rawleigh, his ghost ; or, a feigned apparition

of Sir Walter Rawleigh ; translated by A. B. 1631.

15. The reformed protestant, by John Brereley, priest. [Before 1624.] Printed at one of the secret presses at Lostock or Birchley.

16. Sainct Austines religion, collected from his

owne writinges and from the confessions of the learned protestants ; whereby is suffi- ciently proved and made knowen, the like answerable doctrine of the other more auncient fathers of the primitive church ; written by John Brereley. 1620.

17. The triple cord ; or, A treatise proving the truth of the Roman religion, by sacred scriptures, taken in the literall sense, ex- pounded by ancient fathers, interpreted by protestant writers ; with a discovery of sundry subtill sleights used by protestants,. for evading the force of strongest arguments * taken from the cleerest texts of the foresaid scriptures. If a man prevayle agaynst one, two resist him : a triple cord is hardly broken. 1634. Reprinted in 1651.

18. Virginalia ; or, Spiritual sonnets in prayse of the most glorious Virgin Marie, upon everie severall title of her Litanies of Lareto ; all or most part of the principall passages therein confirmed by the evident testimonies of ^ the ancient fathers, to prevent the objections of such as usually detract from her deserved prayses, by I. B. Printed with license. 1632. Only one copy of this book is known to exist.



(See 11 S. x. 441, 462, 483, 503; xi. 2.)


WALKER'S translation of this book or rather his publication of the translation of it in 1648 (1 March), since I am positive he understood neither French nor Latin was discussed in ' N. & Q.,' 11 S. vi. 452, in an article on ' Charles I.'s Executioner,' by the present writer.

Tracts by Sir Roger L ; E strange assure us that the editions both of this book and of the ' Conference about the Next Succession to the Crown,' which were published in 1680 and 1681 respectively, were then re- printed by Sidney and the " Associators "' in order to help on their plots, first to murder Charles II. and secondly to exclude James II. Algernon Sidney was the great-nephew of the celebrated Sir Philip Sidney, who was one of Languet's friends. Probably, there- fore, Algernon Sidney is the member of Parliament alluded fro in the Presbyterian Ministers' Vindication as having placed this: