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(See 10 S. ix. 428, 472 ; 11 S. vi. 229, 297.)

SINCE MB. ISRAEL SOLOMONS' s interesting communication to ' N. & Q.' on 30 May, 1908, little has been done in the way of build- ing up a biography of this forgotten celebrity. It is known that he died at Florence in August, 1823 ; and the main incidents in the career of his wife, Jane Isabella, Countess of Lanesborough, are detailed in Burke's

  • Peerage.' The obituary notices of both

-will be found in The Gentleman's Magazine, 1824, part i. p. 184, and 1828, part ii. p. 82. I notice that MR. SOLOMONS' s suggestion that " Jew " King was the same person as Jacob Bey, who was educated at the Orphan Asylum of the Spanish arid Portu- guese Jews, 1764-71 (10 S. ix. 428), has been accepted by a later correspondent, K., at 11 S. vi. 297. The evidence in James Picciotto's * Sketches of Anglo -Jewish His- tory,' p. 303, makes this suggestion quite plausible ; but the fact has not been conclusively proved. Yet it must be noticed

that The Gentleman's Magazine, in describing his career, states that he " was born of poor parents, and educated at the Jews' Charity School."

The date of his marriage with Lady Lanesborough has not yet been ascertained ; but his obituary notice says that it took place in Paris. It must have occurred after 24 Jan., 1779, for that is the date of Lord Lanesborough's death, and according to The Town and Country Magazine, xix. 298 (July, 1787), it had already taken place. This account says that he had another wife living at the time, whom he repudiated, which is corroborated in another scurrilous magazine, The Scourge, i. 2 (January, 1811), which gives the name of his first wife as Miss Lara. The same magazine declares that he was the first seducer of Perdita Robinson, and it is evident that this lady knew him, for she refers to him as " Mr. John King, then a money -broker in Goodman's Fields " ; see ' Memoirs of Mary Robirisori ' (Gibbings, 1894), p. 57. The Town and Country Magazine of July, 1787 (which gives his portrait), describes him as " The Fugitive Israelite " ; and The Gentle- 'man's Magazine states that he had been imprisoned in the Fleet and the King's Bench previous to his visit to Paris, where he married Lady Lanesborough. Perhaps the register of marriages at the British Am- bassador's chapel between 1779 and 1787 will give the date of their wedding. John Taylor in his invaluable ' Records of my Life,' ii. 341-5, has much to say about John King, of whom he gives a favourable description. He declares that the moneylender's first wife was alive when he married Lady Lanes- borough ; but says that the second marriage was " according to the forms of the Church of England." Evidently, from Taylor's account, the pair lived much in England.

The Gentleman's Magazine, 1824, part i. p. 184, says that John King was the author of the following works : * Thoughts on the Difficulties and Distresses in which the Peace of 1783 has involved the People of England, addressed to the Right Hon. Charles James Fox,' 1783 ; ' Oppression deemed no In- justice towards some Individuals,' 1804; and ' An Essay, intended to show a Universal System of Arithmetic,' N.Y.

In addition to Goodman's Fields, he is said to have had places of business in Soho, in Piccadilly " in company with a well-known Irish baronet," and in Portland Place.

There was another " Jew " King who flourished at a later period, and who may have been a relation. This is Charles King,