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described in the ' Reminiscences of Captain Gronow ' (Grego), i. 132-4, a Jewish money- lender of Clarges Street. It was he who took a lease of Craven Cottage, Fulham, a house previously famous as the residence of Lady Craven, Margravine of Anspach, and after- wards of Walsh Porter. In 1834, when he went to Craven Cottage, he is said to have been living in Bolton Street, Piccadilly. It was this Charles King who said to Sheridan, after the dramatist had observed that he liked his " table better than his multiplica- tion table," " I know, Mr. Sheridan, your taste is more for Jo -king than Jew King." This second " Jew " King is said to have died in 1839 (' Fulham Old and New,' by C. J. Feret, hi. 91-2).

I shall be obliged if some one will give further particulars. Perhaps the obituary notices of John King in the contemporary newspapers throw some light upon his career. HOKACE BLEACKLEY.

AN ALPHABET OF STRAY NOTES. (See ante, pp. 261, 293.)

Dates (forms of). " Hec conventio incepit ad Pentecosten proximum postquam do- minus Rex suscepit crucem Domini," soil., Henry II., who took the cross in France 21 Jan., 1188. Yorkshire Charter 37, Bodl. Libr.

Lease from the feast of St. Martin next after the election of Philip as Bishop of Durham (1196). Yorkshire Charter 47, Bodl. Libr.

Donnington Castle, Leic. The staff of St. Gilbert of Sempringham kept there ; miracles for the provost of the Hospital, &c. Digby MS. 36, ff. 66 b , 67 b .

Druids. William John, Arch -Druid of Angle- sey, and cc wkeeper to Mr. Bailey at Brix- ton, died about 1821. Dr. John Jones's ' Hist, of Wales,' 1824, p. 196.

Duston, or Durston, Northants. Condition of the living in 1641. 'A Certificate from Northamptonshire,' 1641, p. 7.

Edgehill (Battle of). Isabel Vernon, widow of Thomas Vernon, petitions Charles II. for relief on the ground that her husband's father, Ralph Vernon, was the King's standard-bearer at Edgehill, and was killed there. Rawl. MS. (Bodl.) D. 18, f. 32 b . [Confusion with Sir Edmund Verney ; qu. wilful ?]

Egypt. Letters from an officer employed in the Army in Egypt in 1801. Orthodox Churchman's Magaz., vol. ii., 1802, pp. 267-72.

Eisteddfod. Revived by Edw. Jones afc Corwen about 1788, and thenceforward annually continued. Edw. Jones's preface- to his ' Bardic Museum,' fol., Lond., 1802 r p. xv.

Eleanor of Provence (Queen). Edward I.. remits a fine to Richard Weston, incurred' by him (together with Will, de Colewyk)i as judge for the gaol-delivery of Notts because Queen Eleanor had died at his house at Herdeby, 1293. Rawl. MS. C, 418, 36 b .

Elizabeth (Queen). Sent daily for water from a well in a cellar in a house at Ewell, Surrey, on account of its " christaline- purity." ' The Unnaturall Father ' (John. Rouse), 1621.

Elton (Edward). Between 800 and 900 copies of his book on the Ten Command* ments, entitled ' God's Holy Mind,' burned at St. Paul's Cross, Sunday, 13 Feb., 1624/5, and the printer, Robert Myl- bourne, imprisoned. [I unfortunately- omitted to add the authority when I noted this.]

England. "The English incivility upon the road : How far go you ? What 's your business ? Where do you lodge ? &c."~ Archbp. Sancroft's Note - books, Bodl. Libr., vol. xxvii. p. 217.

Population in 1705 ; estimate of the numbers of various classes and their in- comes. ' Enquiry into the Nature of the Liberty of the Subject,' a letter to Hoadly,. 1706.


Presbiter hie verus Huswyf jacet ecce Rogerus,. Prodiit a lege terre pastor fore grege (sic), Morte die quinto bis et x mensis Februarii M. C. quater Domini L. et X. nono ruit anno. Orate pro anima Magistri Rogeri Huswyf.

Written in a hand of about A.D. 1500 on the cover of U. 1. 6. Th. Seld. in Bodl.

Epitaphium cujusdam de numero annorum ejus.. !Si quantum hie yixit tantum vixisset itemque Tantum, si tanti dimidium super-hoc ; Dimidii quoque dimidium, centenus hie esset, Quantum vixit hie dicito qui legis hsec.

Digby MS. (Bodl.) 53, if. 43, 45,

Leariie so to live by faith, as I have liv'd before,, Learne so to give in faith, as I did at my dore, Learne so to lend in faith, as 1 did to the poore, Learne so to live, to give, to keep, to lend and

spend, That God in Christ at day of death may prov&

thy friend.

Rawl. MS. (Bodl.) B. 13, fly-leaf.

Esquire. The title used by a clergyman x " Wil. Ramsay, esq. B.D.," 011 the title of a sermon by him. called ' The Julian Ship," 1681.