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NOTES AND QUERIES. en s. XL MAY is, 1915.

Pory, Rector of Lambeth, the pluralist. Robert, the Rector, died in .1669, lea.ving two sons : Robert, who died without issue, and Thomas Pory, merchant, living in 1683, who is probably identical with th? Thomas Pory of St. George's, Southwark, father of tes- tator, whose property was administered, in January, 1697/8, by Sarah, his widow.

G. S. PARRY, Lieut. -Col. 17, Ashley Mansions, S.W.

JOSEPH HILT,, COWPER'S FRIEND AND CORRESPONDENT (11 S. xi. 340). Joseph Hill must have died between 1812 and 1824, at which lat'.erdatewe have a record of the death of his widow. Hayley in his ' Life and Letters of William Cowper, Esq.,' 1812, says : " Mr. Hill has kindly favoured me with a very copious collection of Cowper's letters to himself." That Hill was at school at Westminster I take to be assured from the fact that he is mentioned as a West- minster boy by Mr. John Sargeannt in his 4 Annals of Westminster School,' p. 177. Mr. Sargeannt is not likely to have accepted the tradition without verification, as he is a fine scholar associated with the historic school upon which he has written so well. The best impression of Hill that we possess is in Henry Crabb Robinson's 'Diary.' Robinson was a clerk in his office in 1797-8. CLEMENT SHORTER.

SIR JOHN MOORE AND THE GORDON HIGH- LANDERS (11 S. xi. 300). With regard to MR. BuLLOC'i's remarks on the insertion of the black stripe in the regimental lace of the 92nd Highlanders, I should like to say that the 13th Light Infantry is also one of the corps which have a similar pattern; and hav- ing heard various stories to the effect that it was worn in commemoration of the death of Sir Ralph Abercromby, as well as a story connecting it with the Battle of Culloden, I happened to get into correspondence with the late Mr. Mi ne of Leeds, whose knowledge of such matters was of a far - reaching character. I append herewith two extracts from his letters, which put rather a damper on the idea that the origin of the black stripe had anything to c.o with mourning :

1. "The black in the silver officers' lace, &c., is not mentioned in lacemen's book till about 1807, but it may have been used long before that date, for no particular reason that I know of, except as being ornamental with the silver lace, &c. There was no particular reason for this black stripe ; it was common for very many regiments having silver lace, both regulars and militia."

2. " You are quite right about the 47th Regiment and the black stripe in their officers' laces ; they

have a tradition about General Wolfe and Quebec* but nothing at all authentic. I ought to know this, for some twenty years ago I wrote a history of the costume for the regimental newspaper, and had] to go regularly into the matter. Many other regiments had quite as much black mixed up with their lace as you had, but without anybody to mourn for especially, so I am firmly of opinion it was only done to improve the appearance of the coat and jacket."

R. S. CLARKE, (Major) late Som. Lt. Infy.. Bishops Hull, Taunton.

DISRAELI'S LIFE : EMANTJEL (11 S. xi.. 301). Probably a partner in the firm of Town & Emanuel, the eminent dealers in articles of vertu, of 103, New Bond Street- According to Henry Ottley, the Town of the firm was a son of Robert Town,. portrait painter of Hale Street, Liverpool,. and consequently a brother of Charles; ToM-n, or Towne (1760-1850), painter of cattle and horses. THOMAS WHITE.

Junior Reform Club, Liverpool.

There used to be, and is now, a firm of E. & E. Emanuel, who were well-known silversmiths and antique dealers, with a shop on " The Hard " (No. 3) at Portsmouth.

T. J.


BISHOPS OF BELGIUM AND FRANCE (11 S. xi. 341). In the 'Series Episcoporum,' by Pius Bonifacius Gams, DE T. will find what he requires down to the year 1886. The book is on the reference^ shelves of the British Museum Reading - Room.

For subsequent successions he will find the yearty volumes of the Gerarchia Cattolica, which, he can also consult at the Museum,. sufficient. JOHN B. WAINEWRIGHT.

[MR. J. DE BERNIERE SMITH also thanked for reply.]

" STOCKEAGLES " (II S. xi. 322). In his ' Folk-lore and Provincial Names of British Birds,' p. 99 (Folk-lore Society, 1886), the Rev. Charles Swainson gives " stock eikle " as the Worcestershire name of the green woodpecker (Gecinus viridis). It does not appear under any other county. The Northamptonshire names are given as " icwell " and " Jaek iekle," Oxfordshire as " eccle," Shropshire " yockel " and " eaqual " or " ecall," Wiltshire " yuckel." All these names Mr; Swainson derives from. A.-S. hicgan, to try; G. L. APPERSON.

[MR. ARCHIBALD SPARKE who refers to the? ' E.D.D.' and A. C. C. also thanked for replies.!