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ii s. XL JUNE 19, 1915.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


" Postilla ' (homilies) for each Sunday in the year and saints' days, a commentary on the ' Sententiarum ' of Peter Lombard, a lost translation of Wycliffe's ' Trialogus,'

and his numerous Bohemian and Latin

letters. It is not clear to what extent Hus wrote hymns, but, like his countrymen, he was a great lover of music, and improved the church singing.

It is less known that Hus was the author of an ' Orthographia Bohemica,' and that he standardized the spelling practically as it is written to-day. When he found Bohemian children speaking a jumble of 'Cech and German, Hus was as fierce as Nehemiah, who discovered Jewish children speaking half -Hebrew and half -Philistine ;

and mixed marriages were as obnoxious to

the martyr of Constance as they were to the heroic Jewish restorer and statesman. FRANCIS P. MABCHANT.


WE must request correspondents desiring in- formation on family matters of only private interest to affix their names and addresses to their queries, in order that answers may be sent to them direct.

A " POUND " FOB PRISONERS. In 1688 the Hertfordshire Grand Jury made a presentment that " the pound before the court " (at Hertford ?) was not sufficient to secure the prisoners at assizes and sessions <' Herts County Records,' ed. W. J. Hardy, 1905, vol. i. p. 372). What kind of a " pound " would this be ? The ordinary cattle-pound would obviously afford little security for prisoners. The ' Oxford English Dictionary ' gives numerous illustrations of the figurative use of " pound " for a place of confinement ; but in the record cited the use of the term is clearly literal. Was a temporary prison or lock-up sometimes called a "pound " ? G. L. APPERSON.

REFERENCE MARKS. In ' The Septuagint Version of the Old Testament,' published by Bagster, there is used what I believe to be a somewhat rare system of references to the foot-notes. It consists of the Greek alphabet, with the omission of the vowels and also of

  • and v. It occurs in the most complete

form in which I have been able to find it on pp. 480 and 524. I should be glad to learn the origin and history of this system. It seems likely to be fairly ancient, as one can hardly imagine a modern author inventing it. F. W. READ.

WILLIAM BORROWS, M.A. I have a sepia drawing of a monument to this gentleman, whom I believe to be a divine. The drawing is by the sculptor J. Evan Thomas. To judge from the emblems below the bas- relief portrait, I imagine that Mr. Borrows was a botanist. I should be glad of any information as to where the monument is erected. JOHN LANE.

The Bodley Head, Vigo Street, W.

ARCHER FAMILY. I desire informa- tion about the later generations of the Archer family of Warwickshire, the earlier details of which are given in Collins, 1 Peerage,' vii. 359. A lady of this family, Miss Fanny Archer, married a Mr. Parkes, or Parks, of the Indian Civil Service, about 1835. Her father, whose Christian name I do not know, was buried at Pennycross Chapel, Devon, on 20 April, 1841. How was he connected with Lord Archer, who died 20 April, 1778, and was buried at Tamworth Church, Warwickshire, where there is a monument erected to his memory ? Mrs. Parkes, or Parks, had at least one son, born in India. I shall feel much obliged for details of the birth, marriage, death, and descendants of this lad} 7 . The information is required merely for literary purposes. Kindly answer direct. W. CROOKE.

Langton House, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.

BISHOP SPENCER OF MADRAS. I am trying to obtain a portrait of Bishop Spencer, and I shall be very glad of help on the part of any readers of ' N. & Q.' Is there a portrait of the Bishop in any public or private collection of paintings ? Is there any descendant of his living ?


3, Park Hill, Ealing.

HERALDIC QUERY. I wish to identify the following arms : Per fesse gules and azure, a lion rampant or ; impaling Argent, on a chevron sable, between three pellets, as many millrinds of the first. Crest : a white stag trippant.

According to Papworth, the first arms are those of the family of Mowgarle, Mowgrale, or Mowgrill ; but I cannot trace the impaled arms in Papworth.

I should like to know if any family be- sides Mowgarle bore these arms, and with what family bearing the impaled arms they married. Is there any known pedigree of Mowgarle that can be consulted ?

Replies direct will be esteemed to save time. CHARLES DRURY.

12, Ranmoor Cliffe Road, Sheffield.