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11 8. XL JAN. 23, 1915.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


to congratulate General Monk from Parliament. ' Domestic State Papers.'

1660, 17 July. Ralph Constable of Selby to Secretary Nicholas. Bequests a warrant to apprehend Luke Robinson, an inveterate rebel, now lurking for mischief. Was kept imprisoned in irons three years, and is only lately liberated. ' Domestic State Papers.'

1662, 19 Jan. Examination of Thomas Procter and Jonathan Kendall. The latter spoke of an intended rising against the King, in which Luke Robinson, Capt. Harrison, Col. Lascelles, and Capt. W. Oddie were to be employed as officers. ' Domestic State Papers.'

I may add that a foot-note in Pepys's ' Diary ' refers to this Luke Robinson as being "of Pickering Lyth, Yorks."

1669. Luke Robinson, " son and heir of Luke Robinson, late of Thornton Hall, co. York." Foster, ' Admission Register of Gray's Inn,' 1889, p. 308.

1683, 23 Feb. Will of John Holworthy of Lon- don, merchant, 23 Feb., 1683, proved 1 Dec., 1687. Mentions wife Anne. Refers to agreement with her father, deceased, before marriage. Mentions also son John Holworthy, friend Sir Thomas Jenner, Recorder of London, daughter Ann H . Provision in case she marries Luke Robinson of Gray's Inn, Middlesex, Esq. Mrs. Anne Horsnell, her son and daughter. Cousin Sarah Ramsden, wife of Michael Ramsden. Sister Madox. Mr. John Foche in Cannon Street, scrivener. Christ Church Hospital. Foote, 151.

1720, 3 May. Luke Robinson, third son o^ Charles Robinson of Kingston-upon-Hull, co. York. Foster, ' Admission Register of Gray's Inn,' 1889, p. 364.

1741-7. Between these years Luke Robinson (in one case referred to as " of Carey Street, London ") is frequently elected M.P. for Hedon, Yorks. See Henry Stooks Smith, ' Parliamentary Representation of Yorkshire,' p. 18, and ' Members of Parliament, Return,' 1878.

1764, 24 Sept. " On Friday last [21 Sept.] died at his House in Lichfleld Luke Robinson, Esq." This obituary notice appears in The Gent. Mag., and also in the following newspapers : Public Advertiser, Thursday, 27 Sept., 1764 ; Lloyd's Evening Post, 24-26 Sept., 1764 ; St. James's Chronicle, 25-27 Sept., 1764.

" Luke Robinson's Charity. Luke Robinson, by his will, dated 14th September, 1764, be- queathed to his cousin Gary Robinson, and to Francis Cobb, Charles Simpson, and William Webb, of Lichfield, the sum of 1501. upon the trusts thereafter mentioned ; and ajso devised to the said Charles Simpson, his heirs, &c., certain lands therein described, he or they paying the sum of 150Z. for the same, and desired that the said two several sums of 1501. each, making to- gether 300Z., should be placed out at interest in the names of the above-mentioned trustees, and that the longest liver of them should assign the securities for the same to four or more other trustees, and so in like manner for ever ; and it was his will that the interest thereof, after the trustees should be reimbursed their charges, should be yearly distributed by his said trustees among such of the poor inhabitants of the city of_;Lichfield, on Christmas Day for ever, as his

said trustees, or the major part of them, should in their discretion think proper objects.

" The two sums of 150Z. were received by the trustees, and, after being lent out by them for some time at an interest of 4 per cent, were at last invested, together with some sayings of income, in the purchase, at different times, of 600Z. 3 per cent Consols. The present trustees are Mr. Arthur Hinckley, Mr. William Feary, and Mr. Stephen Simpson, in whose names the stock stands, and to whom the trusts have been regularly continued down.

" The interest, being 18Z. per annum, is applied by the trustees in relieving poor inhabitants of the parish of St. Mary, preferring those who do not, but not excluding those who do, receive parochial relief. Lists are kept of the persons relieved under this charity, with a specification of the amount received by each, and the same persons are continued on the lists during life and good behaviour.

" The trustees have for several years distributed somewhat short of their full income, and, from the consequent accumulation, have been enabled to add 501. to the amount of their stock. Thus to lay by, for the sake of accumulation, a part of the yearly income has no authority from the will, and it is not intended to do so in future.

" This charity being given by the donor gene- rally to the inhabitants of the city, we are not aware of any reason for confining the distribution to the poor of the parish of St. Mary, although it may be within the discretion of the trustees so to do." Vide ' Report of Charity Commissioners,' 1822, vol. vii. pp. 431-2.

1776, 7 Feb. " Rev. Mr. Luke Robinson, under Elizabeth Hervey's stone, south aisle, near Dr. Awbrey's monument." Extract from A. J. Jewers's 'Registers of Bath Abbey' (Harleian), Burials, vol. ii. p. 462.

With reference to this entry, I may add that in Gent. Mag., vol. liii. p/214, there is a list of those to whom there are monumental inscriptions in Bath Abbey, and in this list will be found " Luke Bobinson, York, 1776." The inscription itself is not quoted, but the person referred to is evidently the same as above.

1807, 11 Sept. " Luke Robinson, ; bachelor, and Johanna Read, spinster." J. H. Chapman, ' Registers of St. George's, Hanover Square ' (Harleian).

The above entry is wrongly indexed as on p. 273. It is to be found on p. 373.

A. L. HUMPHREYS. 187, Piccadilly, W.

'THE CLUBS OF LONDON' (11 S. x. 389, 432). This book, published in 1828, is entered as anonymous in the National Library and in the ' Londonj' and 'English ' Catalogues, but is attributed to Wm. Hy. Leeds (1786-1862) in Boase's ' Modern Eng- ish Biography,' perhaps following Allibone. RALPH THOMAS.