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Notices to Correspondents.


IN the biographical notice of Anthony Munday which prefaces the reprint of his play ' John a Kent and John ^ a Cumbar,' published by the Shakespeare^ Society in 1851, the editor, Mr. J. Payne Collier, writes :

" Of Munday's private life, when he married (if, indeed, he married at all), or how many chil- dren he left behind him, we know nothing.

In the notice in ' D.N.B.,' by Mr. Thomas Seccombe, we find some additional facts relating to Munday's private life, chief among which are the records of the baptisms of his children. The following notes add considerably to our knowledge of the dramatist, and are the result of research among wills, parish registers, and other documents which do not appear to have been consulted by either of the before- mentioned biographers.

From the monumental inscription which formerly existed in the church of St. Stephen, Coleman Street, London quoted in Stow's ' Survey,' 1633 edition we know that Anthony Munday was born in 1553. The first evidence we get of his parentage is the entry (under date 1576) in the records of the Stationers' Company, where we find him apprenticed to John Aldee, stationer, and described as " Anthonie Mondaie, sonne of Christopher Mundaye, late of London, draper, deceased."

In 1577 the Stationers' Company licensed a book by Munday, and in the same year " M r Mondaye " is rated on lands to the value of 51. in the Cripplegate Ward, in which ward i.e., in the parish of St. Giles, Cripplegate we know he resided at least from 1584 to 1589. It is unfortunate that he is the only person in the ward, in this subsidy, not designated by a Christian name. Nor has his name or that of his father been discovered in any other London subsidies. The writer in the ' D.N.B.' suggests that Anthony Munday " may have inherited the freedom of the Drapers' Company from his father." The records of the Company prove this to have been the case. In the year 1585 are the two following entries :

Freedom List.

1585. Mondaye Anthony films Monday Christo- feri per patrimonium. By Crep legate a Poet.

Quarterage Book.

1585. Mondaye Anthony filius Monday Christo- feri per patrimonium. A Poet by Moregate [sic] . In the last entry " Cripplegate " has been scored through, and " Moregaie " written above.

Munday must have married his first wife in or before 1583. No record of the marriage has been discovered, but the Registers of St. Giles, Cripplegate, contain the baptisms of his five children and the burial of a daughter who died young.

The entries are as follows :

28 June, 1584. Elizabeth, the daughter of Anthony Munday, gent, [baptized!.

17 Oct., 1585. Rose, the daughter of Anthony Monday , gent, [baptized].

19 Jan., 1585/6. Rose, daughter of Anthony Monday, gent, [buried].

9 Jan., 1586/7. Prycilla, daughter of Anthony Monday, gent, [baptized].

27 Jan., 1587/8. Richard, the sonne of An- thony Munday, gent, [baptized].

5 Sept., 1589. Anne, daughter of Anthony Munday, gent, [baptized].

There are other entries relating to persons of the name of Munday (variously spelt)