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ii s. ix. MAR. H, i9i4.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


of Orrok in Aberdeenshire left his property, he being the last male Orrok, to his stepson, who sold the lands in or about 1880. I should very much like to know what became of his personalty, and if it included por- traits and papers. I should be glad of any information concerning the pedigree, and in especial concerning the link between the Fifeshire arid Aberdeenshire Orroks.

HELEN EMILY FORBES. Hatch House, Thorndon Park, Essex.

WM. OR WM. HUMPHREY MARSHALL. The author of * The General Survey of the Rural Economy of England,' 1787, is set down in Michaud's ' Biog. Univ.,' in the ' Nouv. Biog. Cyc.,' and in Skeat's reprint of his ' Agricultural Provincialisms,' in the Eng. Dial. Soc., B 1, 1873, as Wm. Hum- phrey; Watt, Allibone, and the 'D.N.B.' give plain William. Is there any deciding authority? If he had not the second name, where did the first three get it ? If he had, why do the last three omit it ?


Hartford, Conn.

WILSON'S BUILDINGS. I should be glad of any information about some old wooden tenements known by the above name, the property of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, which stood in Lower Thames Street, and were demolished 1894-5. I have a water- colour drawing of them by J. H. Fraser.


JOHN (DIETRICH) MULLER. John Muller (1699-1784) was head master of the Wool- wich Academy, and afterwards Professor of Fortifications and Artillery, retiring from the latter office in 1766. He is noticed in the 'D.N.B.' I am desirous of ascertaining whether he is identical with the John Dietrich Muller who, on 16 June, 1779, took out a patent (1228) for "a machine constructed on self moving principles." He is described in the patent as "of the parish of St. James, Westminster, gentleman." It is quite pos- sible that the two are identical, as on a formal application to the King for a patent he would feel bound to give his full names, and as the patent was granted after his retirement, he would deem the above a sufficient description. R. B. P.


The third volume is eagerly sought. The book is to be found, complete, in the Bod- leian Library, Oxford, and no doubt in the British Museum, but search in private quarters has so far failed, as in the case of

' Rebecca ; or, The Victim of Duplicity,' inquired after in ' N. & Q.' some years ago. ' Montalbert ' was written by Mrs. Char- lotte Smith, and its title-page records that it was printed by S. Low, Berwick Street, Soho, for E. Booker, No. 56, New Bond Street, 1795. Will readers kindly help ?

CECIL CLARKE. Junior Athenaeum Club.

WALKER, GOVERNOR OF DERRY, 1689. What were the surname and parentage of his wife Margaret, and what family had they ? A son, George (the eldest ?), of Donaghmore, married a Miss Elizabeth Moland (w T ho was she ?), and died 1699 ; had they children ? A great-grandson of the Governor's was on the Pension List in 1781 : what were his name and descent ? CHARLES S. KING, Bt.

  • ARCHJEOLOGIA,' xxix. 33. I should be

greatly obliged if any reader could, and would, supply me with a copy of the grant to Oliver Cromwell of the Lordship of Gower, Glamorganshire, a notice of which appeared in the above. ALFRED CHAS. JONAS.

Locksley, Bognor.

PETER THRESHER. Information is sought as to the marriage and place of residence of Peter Thresher, who was christened at La- cock, Wilts, 5 Sept., 1699, youngest son of Edward and Susanna Thresher. It is sup- posed that his three sons were Peter, who died at Fareham, Hants, 4 May, 1794, aged 65 ; William, who died at Fareham, 23 Dec., 1785, aged 50; and John.


BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION WANTED. I should be glad of information concerning the parentage and careers of the follow- ing Browns and Brownes, who were educated at Westminster School : ( 1 ) Augustus Browne, admitted 1773 ; (2) Henry Hodg- son Browne, born 14 Jan., 1808, admitted 1815 ; (3) Jarvis Brown, admitted 1717, aged 10 ; (4) John Mackley Browne, ad- mitted 1786 ; (5) Mackley Browne, born 6 Oct., 1822, admitted 1831 ; (6) Montague Browne, admitted 1807 ; and (7) Mathias Brown, admitted 1768. G. F. R. B.

PALMER'S ROYAL MAILS. The projector of mail - coaches was John Palmer, of a Somerset family, who in 1786 was Comp- troller-General of the Post Office, being rewarded with a pension of 3,OOOZ and a subsequent additional gratuity of 50,OOOZ. He was twice Mayor of, and four times M.P. for, Bath, where he was born in 1742, and