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144 NOTES AND QUERIES. [12S. X. FEB. 25, 1922. John the son of John Barker buryed December the 26th 1653. Robert Baxter buryed December the 27tb 1653. John the son of John Cooke buryed December the 28th 1653. Anne Peirson widdow buryed December the 31st 1653. Elizabeth the wife of Alexander Styles buryed the same day. Anne the wife of William Peachee buryed January the 2d 1653. Margery Ollaf er widdow, buryed the same day. Susan the daughter of William Lease buryed January the 4th 1653. Mary Robinson Widdow buryed January the 5th 1653. Henry Steele buryed January the 6th 1653. Elizabeth, an infant daughter of Alex : Styles buryed January the 7th 1653. Thomas Holdin, a singleman, buryed January the lOtb 1653. Thomas the son of Thomas Bucke, buryed January the 16th 1653. William, a child, son of Francis Neave, buryed January the 17th 1653. Alice, a cmld, daughter of Henry Balls, buryed the same day. Margery Granger widdow, buryed January the 30th 1653. BTJRIALLS 1653. 1654. Mary a child daughter of John Martin was buryed February the 3d 1653. Francis, a child, son of John Martin, buryed the 5th day of February 1653. Priscilla the wife of John Knights buryed Febr : the 16th 1653. Mary the wife of Thomas Burwood, buryed Febr: 18th 1653. Thomas, a child, son of Philip Capon, buryed Febr : 20th 1653. Thomas, an infant son of Thomas Read, buryed March the 10th 1653. Sara the wife of Richard Cocket, buryed the llth day of March 1653. Emme, a child, daughter of Thomas Beales buryed the 12th day of March 1653. Emme the wife of Joseph Trundle, buryed the 17th day of March 1653. Robert, an infant son of Samuel Fowlar, buryed the 1 8th day of March 1653. . Anne Burwood a mayd, buryed the 20th day of March 1653. (84) ANNO 1654. Elizabeth the wife of Nicolas Landamer buryed March the 27th. Rose Atkerson a mayd buryed March the 29th. Sarah a child the daughter of Thomas Fowler was buryed April the second. Ailce an infant daughter of Robert Foreman was buryed April the 5th. Mary infant daughter of Francis Woodrow buryed April the 19th. Thomas a child the son of Francis Neve buryed April the 24th. Mary the wife of Richard Wall was buryed April the 27th. Richard a child son of Tho : Holding, buryed April the 29th. Mary infant daughter of George Moore was buryed May the 3d. John Hefker a youth servant to Will : Daniel was buryed May the 6th. John Reeder was buryed May the 7th. Base-borne Samuel the son of Anne Knights singlewoman buryed May the 1 3th. Mary Russell singlewoman was buryed May the 15th. Richard an infant son of Richard Youngs was buryed May the 1 8th. John Fisk a marreyd ma.n, buryed May the 1 9tb. Joan an infant daughter of Patrick Manlin, was buryed May the 29th. Robert a child son of Ranee Knights was buryed June the 3d. Elizabeth an infant daughter of John Hester was buryed June the 4th. Simon an infant son of Simon Peacock was buryed June the 16th. William Simpson a widdower was buryed June the 20th. Elizabeth the wife of Robert Dymer was buryed June the 23d. Nicolas a child son of Nicolas Palmer buryed June the 30th. James Ladly a stranger & marryner buryed July the 1st. John a* child son of Henry Gurling buryed July the 4th. Hester Youngs widdow was buryed July the 17th. 1654. Richard a child son of Robert Robson was buryed July the 27th. Mary a child daughter of Frances Scutton was buryed July the 29th. John an infant son of John Duxe was buryed August the 1st. Sarah a girle daughter of John Robberson buryed August the 3d. Susan an infant daughter of Tho : Thonger buryed August the 15th. Thomas a youth son of Capt : Tho : Elliott buryed September the 1 3th. Mary a child daughter of William Taylor was buryed September the 1 9th. Peter a stranger an old man buryed October the 8th. Daniel an infant son of Tho : Beale buryed October the 9th. John West a marryed man buryed October the 16th. Mary an infant daughter of Mrs Tompson widdow was buryed November 1st. Benjamin Wheeler a marryed man buryed November the 2d. Alexander a child the son of William Milburn buryed November the 9th. Elizabeth an infant daughter of Blowers Hunt buryed the same day. Ranee the infant son of William Cooper was buryed November the 1 3th. John an infant son of John Telford buryed November the 19th. Ailce a child daughter of Gilbert Manlin buryed November the 26th. Mr Arthur Blowers one of our Capitall Bur- gesses was buryed Decber 4th. John Parker a marryed man was buryed the same day.