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150 NOTES AND QUERIES. [i 2 s.x.F B B.25,i922. Scot was married after 1645 and became a widow in 1660. CONSTANCE RUSSELL. Swallowfield Park, Reading. [Our correspondent may like to be reminded that Grace (ne'e Mauleverer), second wife of the regicide, Thomas Scot, to whom there is a tablet in the chapel of St. John the Evangelist at West- minster Abbey (" Hee that will give my Grace but what is hers," &c.), died in 1646.] LATIN PROVERB : ORIGIN SOUGHT. Can any reader tell me the origin of the Latin proverb " Nescit sanus quid sentiat aeger aut plenus quid patiatur jejunus " ? It is quoted as vulgare proverbium by St. Bernard (' De Gradibus Humilitatis,' &c., cap. iii.), but I have not been able to find it in any dictionary of quotations. BARTON R. V. MILLS. THOMAS LOVELL. Will some contributor who is familiar with materials for Lincoln- shire history be so good as to tell me whether the private Act, 1 James I., c. xxxv., ' For the Releife of Thomas Lovell,' has been printed ? It seems probable that a number of words occurring in Stat. 16 and 17 Charles II., c. 11, may be usefully extracted for ' O.E.D.' Q. V. JELL YM AN FAMILY : REGISTER, OF ALL SAINTS' CHURCH, OXFORD. When searching the parish registers of All Saints (All Hallows), Oxford, last September, I ob- served in one register, c. 1663, a note, I think written about that date, that the register 1653 to 1662 is "in the hands of Jellyman." It must be presumed that no one tried, to obtain it from him in order to put it in its proper place. In the register of Bloxham, Co. Oxon, I noted the family name of Jellyman about the end of the eighteenth century. Probably there may be several entries of this name in the registers. Is anything known concerning the lost register of All Saints ? HERBERT SOUTHAM. PILATE'S WIFE. Have we any authority for naming Pilate's wife Claudia Procula ? Is it true that in the reign of the Emperor Augustus a provincial Roman Governor could not be accompanied by his wife, and that in the reign of his successor, Tiberius, the law was amended, so that a Governor's wife could share her husband's foreign home after taking an oath that she would not interfere in matters of State ? If so, would the penalty for breaking this I oath involve the husband's recall and the ! wife's death ? T. H. SOULBY. Kestor Glen, Chagford, South Devon. UNIDENTIFIED PORTRAIT ON WOOD PANEL. I have had for some 40 years a painting | on wood panel of a lady with a large silk j frill or ruff and pearls. I do not know the j subject or the painter, but in the right-hand j upper corner is painted ELISABT D. C. DYCISS BIABA. Perhaps some reader may be able to let me know something about the lady, for I cannot ascertain anything about her. A. O'C. PORTRAITS BY VANDYCK. Has the por- trait of the *" Two Young Cavaliers ' re- cently acquired for the National Gallery ever been engraved ? If so, what is the description of the engraving (if any) given beneath it ? Has the portrait (whole length) of Jane Goodwyri, daughter of Arthur Goodwyn of Winchendon, Bucks, and second wife of Philip, fourth Lord Wharton, in the collec- tion of the Duke of Devonshire, ever been engraved, and, if so, what is the description given beneath it ? I am acquainted with an engraving of a lady in a white satin dress from a painting by Vandyck, entitled ) ' Jane Goodwyn,' but it does not appear | to be the same lady as portrayed in the I picture at Chatsworth, who is in black velvet. Where is the original painting by Vandyck of this lady in white satin, described on the engraving as ' Jane Goodwyn ' ? CROSS CROSSLET. " ONCE ABOARD THE LUGGER." " Once aboard .the lugger and the girl is mine." What is the source of this well-known quo- tation ? C. N. R. CATHERINE, DUCHESS OF GORDON. Duer, in his ' Life of William Alexander, Earl of Stirling ' (New Jersey, 1847), states, p. 13, that the Duchess accompanied her second husband, Gen. Staats Long Morris, to America on a visit to his relation. She was " long remembered in New York for her masculine habits, blunt manners, frank conversation and good heart." Is there any contemporary reference to her in American literature ? J. M. BULLOCH. 37, Bedford Square, W.C.I. GRANGER'S ' BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY.' The * D.N.B.' (xxii. 373) states that two fine I