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iis.x.MAR.11,1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 185 Overblow, Brotton Knayth, Darlington, &c. There is nothing to show a foreign origin of any of them. [died 1337.] John de Preston (vide 12 S. viii. 485). [1341.] Richard le Ferrour was Chamberlain of the city in that year (Skaife MS., Lord Mayors i and Sheriffs ; York Public Library). 1345. Will le ferrour de Bouthum. The! name ByOotham, now applied to a street, was that j of a vill or burgh belonging to the Abbot and ! Convent of St. Mary's, just outside the walls of the city, and the cause of frequent disputes ; between the Abbot and Mayor as to their respec- tive rights therein. 1349. Robertus de Burton Aunays, ferrour. Burton Agnes, a village about four miles from Bridlington. 1351. Henricus del Mure, verrour. It will be noticed that in this year three glass-painters were enrolled, no doubt in order to make up for losses amongst the craft by death during the Black Death. The average number of freemen enrolled | annually at York between the years 1339 and 1348 was 60. In 1349, however, 208 new freemen ; were entered, and in 1363, 218. 1351. Willelmus de Aukland, verrour. He i was doing work for the Minster in 1371 and was j Bailiff of the city in 1380 (Skaife MS., Lord Mayors and Sheriffs ; York Public Library). 1351. Will de Preston, ouerour (vide 12 S. viii. 485). 1353. Edmund Mott, ferrour. 1359. Johannes de Selby, verrour. 1360. Johannes Archer, verrour. 1361. John de Preston, glasenwreght (vide 12 S. viii. 485). It will be noticed that glass- painters who have hitherto been styled " verrours " are from now until 1385 termed '* glasenwrights " and after that " glasyers." 1368. Joh. de Kyrkeby, glasenwright. 1371. Will de Brotton, glasenwright. 1375. Joh. de Broghton, glasenwright. There is a village of Broughton in the parish of Kirkby, near Stokesley, in the North Riding of Yorkshire, so it is probable that John and Will de Broghton, who were no doubt brothers, and John de Kyrkeby (free in 1 368,) all came from the same district. John de Broghton died in 1384, when administration of his goods was granted to John de Pynchbek, John de Knayth and Adam Sommoneur, " being within the jurisdiction of the Chapter of York " (Reg. Test. D. and C. Ebor., i. 78), so that they evidently lived within the cathedral close and not in the city. John de Knayth, like the deceased, was a glass- painter, being free of the city as a " glasenwright " end the proceeds of their unsavoury trade was applied. 1375. John de Burgh, glasenwright (vide 12 S. x. 88). * 1&78. Johannes Knayth, glasenwright (vide note to John de Broghton above). 1381. Will de Bardenay, glasenwright. 1385. Will de Bulnays, glasenwright. 1387. Johannes Danyell, glasyer. This is the first instance in the Freemen's Roll of the use of the term " glasyer " to describe a glass-painter. Johannes Danyell, probably a son, was free in 1402. 1387. Johannes de Bolton, ferrour. 1391. Will Darthyngton, glasyer. 1395. Andreas Barker, ferrour. 1395. Petrus de Prestwyk, glasyer. 1400. Joh. de la Chaumbre, glasyer (vide 128. viii. 127). 1400. Thomas de Byngfeld. glasier (ibid.). 1400. Robertus de Wakeffeld, glasyer (ibid.). 1402. Johannes Danyell, glasyer. Probably son of the Johannes Danyell, free in 1387. 1407. Willelmus Fournour, glacier. 1409. Robertus Bedford, glacier. His son, " Johannes Bedford, cleric i;s, fil. Roberti Bedford, glasier," was free of the city in 1437. 1410. Johannes Thornton, glacyer (vide 12 8. vii. 481). 1412. Robertus Fournays, glacier. Probably an ancestor of Thomas Fourneys, glasyer, free 1520, whose son, William Fornes, glasyer, was free in 1561. 1414. Joh. Chambre, junior, glasier (vide 12 S. viii. 127). [1417]. Robert Quarendon, working at the i Minster in that year (vide Fabric Rolls, Surtees ! Soc.). 1418. Thomas Roos, glasyer. Very little is known about him. He made his will (Reg. Test. I Ebor., iii. 374) on Feb. 8, 1433, desiring to be buried | in St. Helen's Church, Stonegate. To his sister j Margaret, 20d., and the whole of the rest of his i property to his wife Katherine. He either died without issue or his son had taken over his business some time previous to his father's death. One Henry Ros is mentioned in the Rot. Kemp as follows : " To Henry Ros, glasier, working about the palace in glazing . . . panels with a figure of St. John, and other panels with (a representation of) the sun's rays and in mending the windows of the same ... at the west end of the same hall,. 16s. 8d." (Fabric Rolls of York Minster, Glossary, p. 349). He was probably also the " Rose glasyer " who, in 1433-4, was paid seven shillings for glazing in the Chapel or Hall of the York Merchant in 1378. Adam Sommoneur was evidently renner up and down, With mandements for forni- catioun," and one of a class of whom, according to Chaucer, " may no good be said." The York Minster Fabric Roll for the year 1421 shows that through the activities of these gentry and " by the various Penitentiaries " their employers, no less a sum than 64 5s. ld. (equal to 1,000 present value) was raised in one year (Browne, ' Hist. York Minster,' p. 221). A window in the nave represents the Penancers at work, in one light flagel- lating a man, and in another chastising a woman, whilst figures in the border pour money out of bags and masons carve stonework, showing to what Adventurers Company (' York Merchant Ad- venturers,' Surtees Soc.). 1418. Johannes Neusom, glasyer. One of a family of at least three generations of journeymen glass-painters, none of whom seem to have risen to have a shop of his own. In 1437, John Newsom was one of the witnesses to the will of John Chamber the elder, who was probably his master. His son, John Newsom, was free in 1442 and worked for Thomas Shirley (vide 12 S. viii. 365), and his grandson, Thomas Newsom, was free in 1470, and worked for Thomas Shirwyn (vide 128. viii. 407). 1419. Johannes Berford, ferrour. Probably

one of the same family as Robertus Bedford,