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12 s.x. MAR. ii f 1922.3 NOTES AND QUERIES. 189 exactly eight words, that the place was " formerly a seat of the Stapletons " (' En- virons of London,' ii., p. 421) ? From what part of the country did this family come, and when did the interest of its mem- bers in this district cease ? S. J. MADGE. 69, Oakfleld Road, Stroud Green, N.4. JOHN PLANTA'S SPINNING-WHEEL. John! Planta of Fulneck, near Leeds, at the end ; of the eighteenth century, made spinning- ! wheels in which a heart-cam is introduced ' to distribute the thread over the bobbin | automatically instead of having to change j it by hand from one " heck " of the flyer j to another. A specimen of his wheel is in the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington. He did not patent this invention, but it would raise a point of some interest if it were known that he used the hear t- cam j for this purpose before 1775, when Ark-| wright embodied it in his " water-frame." j The specimen alluded to suggests that it is much later in date than this ; in fact the wheel is obviously intended for a drawing- room at a period when hand spinning had become merely an affectation of the well- to-do. Can anyone give dates ? H. W. DICKINSON. SIR CHARLES Cox, M.P. for Southwark. What is known of his parentage and history ? Shaw's ' Knights of England ' states he was knighted Sept. 21, 1709 ; * Musgrave's ' Obituary ' gives the date of his death as June 13, 1729, and states he was a brewer. Will dated May 16, 1729, proved June 25, 1729 (162 Abbott), gives no information as to his family. I conjecture that he came from Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxon, from the following record of apprenticeship indexed in the Society of Genealogists Collection : " Cox Brooks, son of Chamberlain B. of Shipton, Oxon, farmer, Mar. 11, 1715, to Sir Charles Cox, citizen and brewer ; In. Rev. 1/3-14. The families of Cox and Chamberlain of Shipton were related. E. ST. JOHN BROOKS. ' OTHELLO.' We are told that in the First Folio there are 160 lines not found in the Quarto. I have no copy of the plays that indicates these additions. Staunton marks the new lines in ' Richard III.' but not in ' Othello.' Can any reader indicate for me the most important additions in ' Othello ' ? GEORGE HOOKHAM. Willersey, Glos. NON-JURING CLERGY : BAPTISMAL REGIS- TERS. What became of the baptismal registers, if any, kept by the non-juring clergy ? In particular, are those of the chapel in Theobald's Road extant ? The congregation worshipping there was at one time under the pastoral care of Gordon, the last of the canonically ordained non-juring bishops. That dignitary is said by Dr. King ( ' Political and Literary Anecdotes ' ) to have been sent for by Prince Charles Edward to baptize the first child he had by Miss Walkenshaw. The register in question might or might not confirm this statement. To Bishop Gordon's credit be it said that he was most strict in his observance of all canonical and rubrical directions, so Jie would be sure to keep a register of his baptisms. H. F. WILSON. 66, Louis Street, Hull. THE HOUSE OF HUSBANDRY. There has been recently presented to the Shakespeare Birthplace, Stratford-on-Avon, a deed of 1619, referring to the division of the Great Farm of Broadway, owned by Mistress Ann Daston. In it occurs the phrase " the House of Husbandry." I have not met with these words in any previous deed. Is this a common phrase, and may it be taken to refer to a farmhouse ? E. A. B. B. BERNASCONI. In the early years of the nineteenth century a great deal of work was done in English cathedrals by an Italian of this name, who was particularly skilful in the restoration of sculpture. He used a cement, the composition of which he kept a secret, and his work is to be found in, among other places, Westminster Abbey, (Dean Stanley was rather scathing about it), Southwell Minster and, I believe, Ripon and Beverley. What is known about Bernasconi and his work ? Y. Y. WILLIAM MILBURN. Can any reader give me information as to the identity of William Milburn, author of ' Oriental Commerce,' containing a geographical description of the principal places in the East Indies, with their produce ; in two volumes ; London, 1813 ? JOSEPH M. BEATTY, JR. Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland, U .S.A. SIR T. PHILLIPS. Was he a herald or did he only collect MSS. for his library ? Are his MSS. of value ? Where are they to be found ? Are they bound in volumes ? CLARIORES E TENEBRIS.