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190 NOTES AND QUERIES. [HS.X.IIA..II.IMI "GREGOR" OF THE MOSQUITO COAST. GENERAL CYRUS TRAPAUD : PORTRAIT BY Can any reader give me information, or refer j SIR JOSHUA REYNOLDS. Can anyone tell me me to any book giving information, re- I in whose possession this picture is now ? It specting extensive frauds by one " Gregor " in connexion with territories exploited on the Mosquito Coast ? He called himself " Cazique of Poyais," and issued land grants, bank-notes, &c. I have one of the latter, engraved by an Edinburgh firm and dated " St. Joseph 182-," drawn on the "Bank of Poyais" by authority of "His Highness Gregor, Cazique of Poyais." was painted in 1760 and is mentioned in ' A History of the Works of Sir Jospha Rey- nolds, P.R.A.,' by Algernon Graves, F.R.S., and William Vine Cromi, vol. iii., p. 985. The portrait of his wife, Mrs. Catherine Trapaud, by Sir Joshua Reynolds, is also mentioned at p. 986 of the same book, and is at the Dublin National Picture Gallery. There is also an engraving of same The frauds therefore seem to have oc- i at tne British Museum by Fisher, curred between 1820 and 1830. I once saw ! General Cyrus Trapaud was an ensign them referred to in a Press article by the | a * tne Battle of Dettingen, 1743, where the late Geo. A. Sala. I believe England i horse of George II. ran away with him ; once had a colony on the Mosquito Coast, I fortunately Trapaud seized him by the bridle and a paper thereon, styled ' A Forgotten and thereby saved the King's life. He died Puritan Colony,' appeared in Blackwood ' Ma Y 3, 1 801 , aged 87, and is buried at Chelsea in 1898. A.C.WiLLis. 'Hospital. I. A. M. SALISBURY GILLMAN. WILLIAM MEYLER, author of ' Monody i Hendon. on the Death of Garrick,' ' Poems,' &c. ! FILES OF OLD NEWSPAPERS WANTED. (London, 1779), and ' Poetical Amusements' ' Can any reader tell me where the files of The (Bath, 1806). Is he the Meyler of Bath who published Landor's rare and anonymous book of poems * Simonides,' and who, as a poet, won the prize for poems placed in the vase at Lady Miller's villa at Batheaston ? Dates and places of birth and death and particulars of his life would be valued. RUSSELL MARKLAND. Evening Post between 1727 and 1740 (not London Evening Post) also of The Daily Advertiser between 1746 and 1760 (not London Daily Advertiser) may be seen for research ? They are not in the British Museum or Guildhall Library, London. W. A. WEBB. does this word bene " SORENCYS." -What mean ? Stow says, " I had __, . , _. ___ mean : ouuw &a,ys, a. uttu. uone <* RICHARD ABBOTT, born at Burton, West- i serc har of antiquitis (whiche were devinite, phlAM. *-. 1Q1O n4***-*M ,/-*.4- * A^7*--M *-vx-3 A J-"L* . * v morland, iri 1818, author of ' War and other Poems ' (1876) and ' The Pen, the Press and the Sword' (1879), was a shepherd sorencys and poyetrye . . ."), about 1564 (Kingsford's ' Stow,' vol. i., p. xlix.). Mr. Kingsford (ibid., p. ix.), says it is astrology." DANIEL RACE : CHIEF CASHIER OF THE on the slopes of Ingleborough, and later managed the limestone quarries at Forcett, between Darlington and Richmond, where he was residing when a notice of his poetry | BANK OF ENGLAND. Where can I find the appeared in William Andrews's ' North I best account of this celebrity ? Where is Country Poets.' When did he die ? his portrait by Hickey, which was engraved RUSSELL MARKLAND. by J. Watson in 1733 ? S. R. '-.-.-.-.' i KNAVES ACRE, LAMBETH. In a letter to ' HEATHER FAMILY. Can any reader put Edward Moxon, belonging probably to the i me $e track of the Heather pedigree ? first week in April, 1832, Lamb says : i Marshall 's Genealogical Guide does not " There is a portion of land in Lambeth j include the name. parish called Knaves Acre." And in a A KENSINGTON TAPESTRY. In the hall footnote on p. 237 % vol. i., of Harper s | of the Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensing- Life of Wordsworth,' giving a list of books and pamphlets noticed in The Monfhly Review for October, 1793, occurs the title, " Knaves- Acre Association." I shall be glad to know where this land was situated and the reason for the name. G. A. ANDERSON. ton, there are large tapestry maps hung, described as of, or attributed to, the Tudor or early Stuart periods. One of these (which was presented in 1831 by Arch- bishop Harcourt to the Yorkshire Philo- sophical Society) shows the valley of the Thames, with the City of London and