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12 S. X. MAR, 11, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. Notes and Queries. BINDING ARRANGEMENTS. The Publisher will undertake the binding of subscribers' parts into volumes at the following charges, which are inclu- iive of case, binding, and return carriage : VOL. ix., SERIES 12 4/6 each FORMER VOLUMES (any series) . . . . 6/0 each Parts for binding should be sent carriage paid to The Publisher. ' NOTES AND QUERIES,' Printing House Square. London. E.C.4, and marked " Binding Order." The neces- sary remittance should be forwarded at the same time under separate cover. Notes and Queries. Publisher's CLOTB BINDING CASES, in colours according to Series, are available for all volumes of ' NOTES AND QUERIES' and may be ordered through booksellers at the prices as below : SERIES 1 to 11 : All volumes 3/- each SERIES 12 : Vols. I. to ix 21- each In the event of difficulty, cases may be ordered direct from the Publisher. ' NOTES AND QUERIES.' Printing House Square, London, E.C.4. at the published prices, plus 3d. each postage. JJotetf anb (Queried. SUBSCRIPTION RATE: 1 10s. 4d. per annum, post free, inland or abroad. Subscriptions, which are payable in advance, should be addressed to The Publisher. ' NOTES AND QUERIES,' Printing House Square. London. E.C.4. Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to " The Times." and crossed " Coutts & Co." THE HOMELAND BOOKSHOP. 37. Maiden Lane. Covent Garden. London, W.C.2. Send a note of Books Wanted. Speed's English Atlas, scarce. 1616 edition. 9 10s.; Senex'a Atlas of World. 1721. 55s. ; Blaeu's. Jo.. Atlas of England. 1662. 6 10*. ; Pitt's The English Atla>. 4 vols.. 1680. 4. mYPEWRITERS from 5 5s. Satisfaction or JL your money returned. Brand new Molles. complete in case. 11 11s. Underwoods and Woodstocks from 13 13s. Latest Olivers (No. 9's) from 10 10s. Ribbons and carbons for all machines. THE AMALGAMATED TYPEWRITERS. LTD., 9. Newgate Street. B.C. Tel. City 4443. mYPING. Have your MSS. typed by an expert _L with 15 years' experience : l/-_per 1.000 words; carbon copy 3d. per 1.000 words. Victor E. Wakeford, 37. Holland street. Stockwell. S.W.9. T HE AUTHOR'S HAIRLESS PAPER-PAD The LEADENHALL PRESS. Ltd.. Publishers and Printers. 9-47. GARDEN ROW, ST. GEORGE'S ROAD. SOUTH WARK. S.E.I. Contains hairless paper, over which the pen slips with perfect freedom. Ninepence each. 8s. per dozen, ruled or plain : postage extra. Is. 3<i. Pocket size. 5s. per dozen, ruled or plain ; postage Is. STICKPBAST is a clean white Paste and not a messy liquid. 100 REWARD will be paid to the person who (within the next twelve months) first furnishes us with satisfactory evidence of the marriage of Mary Seymour to Sir Edward Bushell and the marriage of their daughter Mary to Silas Johnson. Mary Seymour was the daughter of Lord Thomas Seymour and Catherine Parr, widow of King Henry VIII. She was born 2 9th August, 1568. After her father's attainder and execution she was restored in blood by 3 & 4 Edward VI., cap. 14. Her marriage is referred to in Mrs. Dent's 4 Annals of Sudeley' (Murray, 1877) and in Miss Strickland's 'Lives of the Queens of England/ HASTIES, 65, LINCOLN'S INN FIELDS, W.C. BOOKS and AUTOGRAPHS for SALE. Early printed Works. Standard Authors, First Editions, &c. Catalogues free. Books and autographs wanted for cash. Lists free. Reginald Atkinson. 188, Peckham-rye. London, S.E.22. BRITISH MUSEUM SEARCHES undertaken. Pedigrees a speciality. Also copying. Write Box D. 1,286, The Times. E.C.4. SELBORNE Society, Easter Tours, Italy, Paris and Fontainebleau. Conducted, inclusive. Early appli- cation necessary. Travel Secretary, 27. VanLrugh Hill, Blackheath. S.E.3. THE LONDON RESEARCH AND INFORMATION BUREAU, 5, TAVISTOCK SQUARE, LONDON, W.C.1. General & Technical Research. Musical Research. Museum & Art Photography. Newspaper & Documentary Research. Literary & Technical Translation. Typing. Information on any sub- ject procured from World-Wide Sources. Advice to Students & Booklovers. Libraries Classified, Catalogued & Valued. Write for Particulars. 'Phone : MUSEUM 7686.