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NOTES AND QUERIES. u , S.X.MAB. 11,1922. The Completion of a Great Work l4tne Illustrated History and Encyclopaedia of the War is now complete. The Index (Vol. XXII.) is now on sale, and may be obtained by subscribers in the same styles of binding, and at the same prices as the other volumes. The twenty-two bound volumes of The Times History . form a complete and standard war library that should be in every home, for the benefit of the present and future generations. The complete work may be obtained, care- fully packed and carriage paid, from The Publisher, Printing House Square, London, E.C.4, at the following pricesĀ : Red Cloth 16 10 Half Leather, royal, purple or red .. 19 5 Full Leather .. .. .. 22 Persian Leather .. .. .. 25 17 Send a remittance to-day, and add this magnificent 'work to your shelves. Printed and Publighed by THE TIMES PUBLISHING COMPANY, LIMITED, Printing House Square, London, E.O.4. March 11, 1922.