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NOTES AND QUERIES. 1 12 ax. APRIL 8,1922. xforb poofes WILLIAM BLAKE'S DESIGNS FOR GRAY'S POEMS. 122 Plates, 12| by 16| inches, reproduced in Monochrome or Colour from the unique copy belonging to His Grace the Duke of Hamilton. With an introduction by H. J. C. GRIERSON. To be published almost immediately. Price before Eublication 12 12s. net ; price on publication 15 15s. net. Prospectus

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THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. A brief Historical Survey of Parliamentary Legislation relating to India. By Sir COURTENAY ILBERT. 8vo. 10s. 6d. net. A reprint, revised and brought up to date, of the Historical Introduction forming the first part of the book entitled 'l he Government of India, 3rd Edition, 1915. A HISTORY OF FRANCE. From the death of Louis XI. By JOHN S. BRIDGE. Vol. I. : The Reign of Charles VIII. ; The Regency of Anne de Beaujeu, 1483-1493. 8vo. 16s. net. A detailed study of a period of the History of France which has been little worked upon. Other volumes are to follow. CORRESPONDENCE OF SIR JOHN A. MACDONALD, 1840-91. Selections from the Correspondence of the Right Honourable Sir John Alexander Macdonald, First Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada, made by his literary executor, Sir JOSEPH POPE. 8vo. 21s. net. The letters cover a long and eventful life, a career that was connected with the days of Canada in the making. Letters from and to tHe first six Governors-General, colleagues, and public men of all sorts, throw light upon such matters as the Confederation, the acquisition of the North-West, the History of the Intercolonial and Cana- dian Paci&c Railways, the Kiel uprisings, the Washington Treaty of 1871, and various Fisheries Negotiations with the United States. The volume is invaluable as a source book for the period between 1840 and 1890 ; but is scarcely less valuable as a portrait of a great man. LIFE AND LETTERS OF SIR WILFRID LAURIER. By OSCAR DOUGLAS SKELTON. Illustrated with photographs. 8vo, Two volumes. 42s. net. ARABIA. By D. G. HOGARTH. Crown 8vo. With Map. 7s. 6d. net. A history of Arabia " from our earliest knowledge down to the entry of Arabs into the Great War." (Histories and Policies of the Nations.) HISTORIC HOUSES OF SOUTH AFRICA. By DOROTHEA FAIRBRIDGE. With a Preface by General J. C. SMUTS. Royal 4to, with 10 coloured plates after oil paintings byGWELO GOODMAN, 181 illustrations in half- tone and collotype, and 33 figures in the text. 63s. net. " This book . . . may help to carry across the seas something of the spirit of South Africa, so that our sister nations may know the beauty that lies in her old homesteads and the charm that lingers in her vine- covered stoeps and in the villages set about with orchards." From the Preface by General Smuts. THE EVOLUTION OF MODERN MEDICINE. A Series of Lectures delivered at Yale University on the Silliman Foundation in April, 1913. By SIR WILLIAM OSLER. Royal 8vo, with 108 illustrations. 25s. net. Composed for a lay audience and for popular consumption. SOME ACCOUNT OF THE OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, 1468-1921. Histori- cal Sketch ; The Press to-day ; The Press Abroad ; Oxford Books. Small 4to. Paper boards, cloth back. 5s. net. Humphrey Milford OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS London, E.C4 Printed and Published by THE TIMES PUBLISHING COMPANY. LIMITED. Printing House Square, London. E.C.4. April 8. 1922.