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NOTES AND QUERIES: JHebtum of Sntercommtmicatton LITERARY MEN, GENERAL READERS, ETC. "When found, make a note of." CAPTAIN CUTTUG. No 209 r TwELFTH ~| 1XU. LJJ. _ SERIES. APRIL 15, 1922. (PRICE SIXPENCE Post free 7d. (. Registered as a Newj>aj>er. atttr ueen* Santapana The following volumes of Constable's Kings and Queens of England Series have now been published. (Latest volumes.) HENRY VI. By Mabel E.Christie. HENRY II. ByL.F. Salzmann. HENRY V. ByR.B.Mowat. HENRY VII. By Gladys Temperley. in The following " Historical Narratives in Con- temporary Letters/' by Frank A. Mumby, are now published. Each volume is illustrated from contemporary portraits. THE FALL OF MARY STUART, THE YOUTH OF HENRY VIII. THE GIRLHOOD of ELIZABETH. ELIZABETH and MARY STUART. 10s. 6d. net. SOLILOQUIES IN ENGLAND. About CHARACTER & OPINION IN THE UNITED STATES. LITTLE ESSAYS. THE LIFE OF REASON. Svols. THE SENSE OF BEAUTY. SUalter &e fa jWarc THE VEIL AND OTHER POEMS. POEMS. 1901-1918. 2 Volumes. MOTLEY. THE LISTENERS. PEACOCK PIE. PEACOCK PIE. (Illustrated.) 3s. 6d. net. jWutr Cbmonb THE EXPANSION OF EUROPE. New and Enlarged Edition. 12s. net. NATIONALISM & INTERNATION- ALISM. NATIONAL SELF-GOVERNMENT. LIBERALISM & INDUSTRY. THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS. THE COSMIC COMMONWEALTH. THE SECRET OF THE CROSS. THE PROBLEM OF THE SOUL. Is. 3d. & GIVE ME THE YOUNG. 6s'. net! Colonel &eptngton gfoam* VESTIGIA. A Diary, 1878-1914. THE FIRST WORLD WAR, 1914-1918. '1 vols. 10th impression. 42s. net. AFTER THE WAR. 1919-1921. THE EDUCATION OF HENRY ADAMS MONT ST. MICHEL & LETTERS TO A NIECE. A CYCLE OF ADAMS LETTERS. 2v. 45s. net. u THE MICKLEHAM' MEREDITH A NEW POPULAR EDITION OF THE WORKS OF GEORGE MEREDITH First Volumes (shortly) CgOltft JXicfjarb Jfetoerel JSeaucfjamp'* Career PER VOLUME 5s. net iillllllllGONSTABLE & CO. LTD. LONDON BOMBAY . SYDNEY.IIIIIHll