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-_' S. X. TAX. 14, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 23 above. Clearly Richard is no alias for Adam tombstones and crosses shattered and if Adam was dead during William's lifetime, i overturned, while the brick graves showed namely, 40 years before. Plainly there is unmistakable evidence of having been wild confusion somewhere ; the record rifled of some of their contents, evidence at the two ends of this artless tale jt seemed lamentable that whilst the can by no means be reconciled with the imperial Graves Commission was devoting pedigree professing to connect them. suc h loving care to the graves of our gallant Richard, of course, could explain, but un- so ldiers who fell in France and Flanders, fortunately one has not elsewhere met with ; this o i d ^aval and Military Cemetery in Richard in any capacity. Neither has one j the West indies should be so sadly neglected, been able to find any person able to bear the | Sir John Butch Bart K . c>> M<P ^ description ^ 'father-in-law -in 1549. Who,! ^^ took the matter ftt then, was this Richard, at the first mention | p ^ g j rtl after return ^ rom ^ appointed overseer, and later on described , ^ ^ ^ asked ' y a question in the only by his relationship 111 the bequest to Houge Q Commons on June ^ 2 1920< ^J^iL^l^S?^^!! As a result, the Colonial Office has It seems that Richard's daughter must be | the unnamed executrix, viz., the last wife of obtained from the various West Indian 1/JJLV7 LAJ.JJ.JLCAfilJ,t7^4. V? .A V> s LA V i A -A . VJ./J.. L'AJ.V> ACUO U W J. *.*-> v/J. _. { , 1- the testator : it would be no surprise to find i Governments a series of reports regarding Richard himself and Margaret, the daughter I the cemeteries containing naval and military of Adam, much about of an age, the while he graves. From these it would appear that looks so like one of the " children," and a son of Margaret Hough. If that were so, he would be one of the beneficiaries under the while in several colonies care has been taken to maintain the graveyards, in others nothing has been done in this direction for YYV^LAAVJ. k^f VAl.H-' VfJ. UMJK7 MJ L J-V AiVACDJ. L V>O LJ.IJLVA-/J- VAJLW -~ _ w _ . - - alleged deeds ; but those are described to 3 ars ' * e reas n P^aps ^mg that the cover only Cheshire lands, thus leaving it War Office under wiiose contTol some of still open to discussion how or if Margaret j ^hem are, has lost touch with the West the daughter of Adam brought the Salop Indies since the garrisons were withdrawn property of Albrighton to this John Talbot, I 106. It is very satisfactory, therefore to who in his will calls himself "of Graf ton," krxow th J M th resi l lt * the representa- and says nothing about Albrighton. tlons ma . de * them in this connexion, a The search for Richard, obviously the first very active body of ladies in Barbados line of inquiry, has not been wholly fruitless : known as the Civic Circle, of which there was one Richard Trowtbecke who left I If d Y Cai J er , ls the President and Mrs. I a will, registered at Lichfield under the date Browne the hon. secretary, has very kindly undertaken to put the cemetery at Need- ham's Point in order, the Government 1552 (series iii. 49). Hitherto opportunity has not offered to consult that record. If any inquirer can furnish an abstract of it, it will be possible to see whether that testator having consented to provide; the necessary funds for the purpose. When I last heard says anything about the several sons and fr om Mrs. Browne the work of clearing up daughters of John, who may have been the cemetery was to be started and the they were Richard's grandchildren, since clearly children of the executrix. HAMILTON HALL. Chaff ord. cemetery was to be enclosed. The " Civic Circle " has sent me a list of interments as far as they have been able to decipher the names on the shattered tombstones, and they would, I know, greatly appreciate its publication in ? N. & Q.,' which might enable them to get into touch with some of the DURING a visit to Barbados in 1920, ! relatives of the officers, non-commissioned NEEDHAM'S POINT NAVAL MILITARY CEMETERY, BARBADOS. in I was shocked to notice the aeplorable | officers and. men and sailors and members condition of the old Naval and Military : of their families who are buried at Needham's Ometery on Needham's Point, the sandy j Point. The list is as follows : promontory or the south-east side of Laura Amelia, wife of Sergt. ANDERSON, Carlisle Bay. Though the latest inter- M.B.C., died June 9th, 1897, aged 39 years. inert took place there as recently as 1914, 6 - R BABEONE, died 1878. the cemetery had been allowed to go to rack and ruin. The railings which


L. BAILY, wife of Thomas Baily, died 'siuTounded it were broken down, and the Major BALDWIN. Corp. T. BABRICK, died 1877.