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24 NOTES AND QUERIES. [S.X.J.U.IM. Hercules Webster BAULD, Landsman, U.S. Navy; born March 18th, 1878; died December 5th, 1899. Erected by his shipmates of the U.S. ship " Lancaster." Alfred Geo. BEER, Stoker of H.M.S. " Intrepid," died at the Hospital, Barbados, 19th August, 1898, aged 31. Sergt. T. BENTON, 98th Regiment, died 1875. Robert BLOMBERO, Seaman, U.S. Navy, born in Finland, March 19th, 1861 ; died February 26th, 1902, at Bridgetown, Barbados. Erected by his shipmates on board the U.S.F.S. " Hart- ford." George BOLTON, Stoker, H.M.S. " Tourmaline," died at sea, Nov. 16th, 1879, aged 25 years. Sydney, child of F. BOSHELL, Royal Berks Regiment, died 1898. Miles H. BRAITHWAITE, late Py. Ms. Sergt. 2nd W.I. Regt.,died June 1st, , aged 45 years. John Graham BRANSCOMBE, deputy Assist. Supt. of Stores, eldest son of John Branscombe of London, died 28th November, 1867, aged 33. J. BRIDOER. (See ROYAL ARTILLERY.) Ellen Sedney, Emily Kate, children of Band- Sergt. G. A. BRYDEN, 2nd D. of W. Regiment. Lieu. Col. R. BULLEN, Royal Engineers, died in Barbados, 30th June, 1883. No. 4890 Pte. C. CALLIS, 2nd Batt. Leinster Regiment, Royal Canadians, died April 29th, 1900, aged 23 years. Mary Elizabeth, the wife of Sergeant CAR- MICHAEL, C.M.L., died 10th January, 1885, aged 34. George G. CARR. Sergeant Benjamin CLARKE, 2nd West India Regiment, died December 20th, 1885, aged 41 years, Peter J. COCHING, 35th Regiment. (No date.) John COLEMAN, Pte. in H.M. 97th, who died 4th July, 1874, aged 44. John COLLINGS, 98th Regiment, died 1874. Thomas W. COOK, R.N., Boatswain, H.M.S. " Northampton," killed accidentally, 1882. Eleanor Radley, died 19th October, 1886 ; Cicely Radley, died 10th October, 1886; twin daughters of Capt. Jas. COULTON, D.A.C.G. ; born 4th June, 1886. Herbert T. COUSINS, D.A.C.O., Commissariat Staff, who died of yellow fever eight days after landing, August 8th, 1881, aged 25. Martha CRADDOCK, died 1878 V John CUMMINS, Stoker, died 24th September, 1899. E. A. DARCEY, son of E. Darcey, 2nd W.I. Regiment, died 1875. Edward James DIXON, able seaman, H.M.S.

  • ' Canada " ; born at Dover, England ; died 29th

Mav, 1892. Ellen Louisa DOGGETT, died 10th April, 1876, aged 3 years and 5 months ; Alice Rebecca DOGGETT, died 6th August, aged 2 years ; the daughters of W. and E. Doggett, 35th R.S. Reg. Pte. G. DOUGLAS, 35th Regiment. Louisa DRUCE, the wife of James Druce, military labourer. William A. DUNLOP, Stoker, H.M.S. " Magi- cienne," drowned at Barbados, 2nd June, 1893, aged 24. Col. Sidney Baynton FARRELL, commanding Royal Engineers, who died at Barbados 7th Sept., 1879, aged 50. Gr. Dennis FARRELL, 6/1 C.P.D., R.A., died October, 1885, aged 38 years. Susanna FORSYTH, died 1880. Col. Donald Alexander FRAZER, Royal En- gineers, died August 5th, 1881, aged 52 years ; also to Annie, only daughter of late Capt. Nassau STEPHENS, 94tH Regt., and step-daughter of Mrs. D. A. Frazer, died August 2nd, 1881, aged 37 years. Carl GALLE. James GIBBONS, Military Store Department, died 27th July, 1883, aged 60 years ; also his wife, Catherine GIBBONS, died 2nd August, 1904. Joseph Fitzherbert GITTENS, Royal Artillery, son of Francis Gittens. Hector, son of J. E. and Bandmaster A. GRAY, born 5th May, '86, died llth August, '91. Edward GREVES. Lance-Corporal J. HALL, died 1883; Band, 1st Bat. Royal Scots. Cecil, son of M. E. and Sergeant R. I. HALL, died February 15th, 1893, aged 17 days ; also their son Walter Henry, died 22nd February, 1893, aged 1 year and 5 months. Edward HAMILTON, Stoker, H.M.S. " Pallas," died 7th March, 1897, 24 years. Pte. Timothy HAMILTON, D Coy., 2nd Bat., Leinster Regt., died August 8th, 1899, aged 27 years. Mary Elizabeth, wife of Sergeant S. E. HAYNES, 2nd W. I. Regiment, died 1875. Harriet Jane Victoria, wife of Major HOBBS. Sergeant T. HOLDER, died 1878. Angelina HOWARD, died 1914. D. HYDE. (See ROYAL ARTILLERY.) John Henry JAMES, Stoker, died 27th August, 1899, buried at sea ; H.S.M. " Tribute." Jane JOHNSTON, wife of Corp. R. Johnston, 1st W.I. Regt., died 1878. Maud Lizette Marian JONES, died 1885; Henrietta Louise Lemoon JONES, died 1879. Colour-Sergt. Robert JONES, 29th Regiment, died 1872. Arthur Staveley Clive JUSTICE, died July 12th, 1881, aged 4J months. John KELLY, R.A., died 22nd February, 1905, aged 70 years. Gerald Pearson King Harman, infant son of Major Waldron E. R. KELLY, Assistant Military Secretary, died 22nd June, 1888. Colour-Sergeant M. KINSEALA, 98th Regiment, died 15th June, 1814 (?), aged 44 years. John KNELLER, died 1875. Janie, dearly loved child of Major G. C. KNOCKER, D.A.A.G., born 2nd June, 1890, died 22nd March, 1896. Captain E. LAWLESS, A.P. Depart., died August 16th, 1881, aged 42. Lieutenant T. E. LE BLANC, 1st Bat. The King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, who died of yellow fever at St. Anns, Barbados, on the 28th July, 1881, aged 26 years.. In memory of the men of the IST BAT. LETCES- TERS IRE REGIMENT, who died while stationed at Barbados during the years 1893-94-95. . . . Erected by Capt. Barnardiston, Officers and Ship's Com- pany of H.M.S. " Rover." Pte. R. LENOIR, died 1879. George LIER and his wife, died 1879. No. 3568, Pte. Bernard LYONS, 2nd Bat. Leinster Regiment, died July 4th, 1899, aged 25 years.