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12 S. X. JAN. 14, 1922.] NOTES AND QUERIES. 25 Pte. William MANNING, 53rd Regt., died 1870, January 10th, aged 26 years. Elizabeth J. MANNS, daughter of B. D. N. J. Manns. Walter H. MARSH, Warder, M.P.D., died 28th November, 1899, aged 38. Ethel, daughter of Warder W. H. MARSH, M.P.D., died 1887. Pte. J. MATHEWSON, died 1878. W. H. MAUSER, Bugler, R.M.L.I., H.M.S. " Volage," died January 27th, 1888, aged 16 years. Annie Emma MAYERS. Pte. John McEvoY, 35th Regiment, died 1876. Alison Jamieson, wife of Bandmaster A. I. McGiLL, died 9th June, 1888, aged 24 years. Archibald MCNEIL, Seaman, H.M.S. " Tour- maline," died in hospital at Barbados, 17th May, 1894, aged 19. Stephen MEARS, Band, 98th Regt., died 10th April, 1874, aged 15. Lilian, daughter of Warder A. B. MOPFAT, M.R.D., and his wife Margaret Ann, died November 1st, 1895, aged 5 years and 7 months. Pte. Patrick MULL ANY, 35th Regt., died 1877. C. NASH, Canteen Manager, 3rd Lane. Fusiliers, died 16th March, 1902, aged 53. Formerly served as Officers' Mess Colour-Sergeant in the Rifle Brigade. Harriet Maria, beloved wife of Col. NICOLLS, R.A., and daughter of Rev. C. Y. Crawley, rector of Taynton, Gloucester, born 5th December, 1840, died 26th July, 1881 ; also Georgina Harriet, dear child of above, born 30th March, 1876, died 28th July, 1881. No. 5814, Lance-Corporal Henry NORTON, E Company, 4th Worcester Regt., died 13th October, 1904, aged 24. George PACKHAM, Ordy. Seaman, H.M.S. " Canada," died 1st November, 1893, aged 18 years and 9 months. In memory of John L. PARRETT, A.B., died at Barbados, 8th July, 1900, aged 22 years ; also of Alfred WALKER, A.B., drowned at sea, October 29th, 1898, aged 23 years, both of H.M.S. " Pro- serpine." Erected by their shipmates. Seymour Blanshard PEMBERTON, Lieut., 2nd West India Regiment, who died of yellow fever, 7th October, 1881, aged 25 years. Staff Sergt. W. G. PETTIFER, died 1880. Fred POWER, Private, 2nd Duke of Welling- ton's Regiment, died 22nd August, 1891, aged 20. Frank QUINN, Qr. -Master Sergeant, 2nd Bat. Leinster Regiment, died 6th September, 1901, aged 34 years. William Henry RICHARD (child), died 1876. Pte. G. RICHARDS, died 1879. Surgn. James RONAYNE, A.M.D., died of yellow fever, 10th Aug., 1881, aged 25 years. The Officers, N.C.O.'s and men of No. 17 Batt., Western Division, ROYAL ARTILLERY, to the memory of Gr. F. Soden ; Gr. R. Waters ; Sergt. W. Scotney ; Gr. D. Hyde ; Gr. F. Sandell ; Gr. J. Bridger, who died at Barbados, 1885-1890. F. SANDELL. (See ROYAL ARTILLERY.) W. SCOTNEY. (See ROYAL ARTILLERY.) Bandsman W. J. SEIMONDS, 2nd Batt. Prince of Wales Leinster Regiment, died March 14th, 1899. Corpl. John SHEEKY, 2nd Batt. Leinster Regiment, Royal Canadians, died March 21st, 4899, aged 26 years. James SIMS, Naval School Master of H.M.S. " Bacchante," died 1880. William SMITHSON, Bandsman, 1st Batt. Yorkshire Regiment, died December 4th, 1887, aged 27 years. F. SODEN. (See ROYAL ARTILLERY.) George William SPENCER, Engine Room Arti- ficer, H.M.S. " Magicienne," died at Barbados, 22nd March, 1893, aged 40. Annie STEPHENS. (See FRAZER.) Lance- Sergt. John STEVENS, 53rd Regiment, who died at Barbados, 1870, 4th January, aged 25 years. Henry Fritz STOCHELL, died March 30th, 1872, aged 42. James Abbott SUGMUR. James TAIT, died 1885. Jane, beloved wife of S. Qr. Mr. Sergt. H. TAYLOR, A.S.C., died Sept. 12th, 1890/aged 56 years. W. F. TEGG, A.B., H.M.S. "Pallas," died 2nd May, 1896, aged 22 years. William THOMAS, aged 24 years, of Norwich, England, Dr., H.M.S. " Immortalite," went home May 7th, 1871. George THOMPSON, Private, R.M.L.I., died June 1st, 1906, 34 years. Erected by officers of the H.M.S. " Indefatigable." Private M. TOY, No. 5854, F. Company, 4th Worcester Regiment, died 20th May, 1904. Charles W. TUMNER (of Deal, England), Seaman, H.M.S. " Tourmaline." Private Richard TYRELL, 53rd Regiment, who died at Barbados, 1870, 6th January, aged 28 years. Emma Cecilia, widow of Major James UNIACK, R.M., of Arraglyn, Co. Cork., died at Shot Hall, Jan. 12th, 1881, aged 78 years. Alfred WALKER. (See PARRETT.) Corp. Sergt. James WALLACE, died 1878. Private Thomas WALTON, 1st East Yorkshire Regiment, died 12th August, 1887, aged 21 years. Erected by the officers and men of his Company. William WARD, Capt's. Steward, H.M.S. " Canada," died 24th May, 1862. Mary Elinor WARD (ne'e Reede), died llth August, 1881, and of her husband Surgeon- Major Espirie WARD, F.R.C.S.I., died 22nd August, 1881. This stone is erected by Thos. Picton Reede, father of former, and by Dr. M. A. Ward, brother of the latter. R. WATERS. (See ROYAL ARTILLERY.) Julia, daughter of Sergt. -Major W. A. WEBB, 1st E.Y. Regiment, died 1888. Frank, died August 3rd, 1901, aged 6 weeks, and Florence Miriam, died Aug. 4th, 1902, children of Albert and Miriam M. WELL, Royal Army Medical Corps. David WHEATLEY, Sergeant of 18th Company, W.D., R.A., died 14th August, 1892, age 35. Thomas Charles Lane WHEATLEY, son of Major C. R. S. Wheatley, 18/7 R.A., who died of yellow fever, 14th Aug., 1881, aged 3 years. Joseph John William WHIN AM, died 1885. Joseph John Fox WHIN AM, died 1888. Sarah Elizabeth, wife of Sergt. W. H. WILSON, H.M. 97th Regiment. Pte. J. WILSON, died 1879. Lottie WORRISON, William Eric WORRISON Gordon Mackay WORRISON, children, died 1885. ALGERNON ASPINALL.