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NOTES AND QUERIES. pr* s. XL JAN. 3, 1903.

Gallery, or in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, or elsewhere. R- M.

ANTHONY FORMAN. I have a sundial in- scribed with the name Anthony Forman. Is he known as a maker of sundials ; and when did he live? I have no means of access to Mrs. Gatty's ' Book of Sundials.'



[We find no mention of the name in the 1900 edition of Mrs. Gatty's work.]

TENNYSON AND KINGSLEY. Perhaps some of your correspondents can inform me whether the lines in Lord Tennyson's last poem, And may there be no moaning of the bar, When I put out to sea,

are an allusion, accidental or implied, to the refrain in Charles Kingsley's well - known poem of 'The Three Fishers.' I presume the allusion is obvious, and that in all pro- bability Lord Tennyson regarded it as such. J. LUTTRELL PALMER. [See 9 th S. x. 247.]

BURKE. Is there evidence that Burke's father was ever a Catholic? Is not Mr. Morley certainly in error when stating that Burke's wife had been a Catholic 1 Her father was a Catholic, her mother a Presbyterian which latter was her religion, just as, Burke's father being the Protestant and his mother the Catholic, he resulted in a Protestant.



[See also ' Mixed Marriages,' 9 th S. x. 447.]

KIEFF, KIEV, KIEW. How ought this word to be spelt 1 Are we right, or the French, or the Germans, for all three nations spell it in a different way ? In England, however, the first two forms are used, the first being the more frequent. One would think that a refer- ence to the Russian spelling should decide the matter at once ; but here a difficulty seems to present itself. For in Russian the word is spelt Kiev + the mute hard sign, which the French call -i&rre. Of this letter Motte', who names it -oh-, says :

"The hard semi-vowel (oh or ierre) has now no sound whatever, but it serves to give to the con- sonant that precedes it a strong and harsh pronun- ciation as though this were double. Before oh (or lerre) a weak consonant has always the sound of its corresponding strong, thus v=ph"

I avoid giving the Russian characters, as I have never seen them printed in ' N. & Q.,' though I should be very pleased to im- mortalize myself by being the first to intro- duce them there. Then Motte goes on to give as an example of his rule Krov + oh=

Kroff (a roof). If this is correct, then Kieff would be the right spelling, and Fuchs, who wrote a Russian grammar for French students, seems to agree. The real truth appears to be that the French, with their quick sense of what is elegant, have followed the Latin word Kiovia, while we have chosen the uncouth but more accurate form Kieff. Gibbon, it is to be noted, calls the town Kiow.


REV. SAMUEL FISHER. Information is desired concerning the Rev. Samuel Fisher, called a minister, I think, of the Baptist Church, located in Norwich some time prior to 1813 possibly the latter part of the eighteenth century. E. D.

Bridgeport, Conn., U.S.

ARMS WANTED . Whose arms are the following, which are engraved on an old snuff-box] Ermine, on a cross gules five plates (or bezants) ; in dexter chief a canton with a badge of a baronet.



VILLAGE LIBRARY. I should be glad to know what is the strongest suitable cheap binding for the above. In having MSS. and printed books with marginal MS. notes bound, what are the proper instructions to give the binder to prevent clipping margins and having the writing on one page impressed on the opposite page 1 K.

St. Leonards-on-Sea.

HERALDIC SHIELDS : THEIR ORIGIN. I should like to ask students of heraldry if the origin of heraldic shields has been ascertained. There has seemed to me some reason to suspect they have been evolved from scenes representing ancient methods of worship, espe- cially the worship of the sacred tree. For example, on one of the Assyrian cylinders we see in the centre the conventionalized tree, on each side a winged human figure holding up a hand towards the tree in worship, and above the tree the winged disc of deity. We have thus a central object, two supporters, and a symbol in the position of the crest. There are similar designs in the Temple of Athene at Priene ; in St. Mark's, Venice ; in India, Mexico, and elsewhere. But I speak in entire ignorance of heraldry.


Montpellier Villas, Cheltenham.


j book of recollections lately published it is

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that when the autopsy was made upon the

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