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BOOKSELLERS' CATALOGUES. THE Book-lover's Leaflet of Messrs. Pickering & Chatto has a splendidly illuminated Spanish MS. Book of Hours of circa 1400, reproductions of both the illustrations and text of which are supplied. The first edition of 'The Two Books of the Pro- ficience and Advancement of Learning ' of Bacon, 1605 follows, as do the 1647 edition of Beaumont and Fletcher ; the first edition of Burton's 'Anatomy of Melancholy'; that of Cavendish s 'Life of Wolsey ; a 1561 Chaucer; scarce works of Drayton ; the rare first edition of ' The Vicar of Wakefield,' priced 140. ; a good Gower, ' De Confessio Amantis ; a Milton's ' Paradise Regained,' 1671; a first Florio's

  • Montaigne ' ; a first folio of North's ' Plutarke ' ; a

Phaer's Vergil ; a ' Hakluytus Postumus, or Purchas his Pilgrimage ' ; some Second, Third, and Fourth Folio Shakespeares ; a set of firsteditionsof Smollett ; some remarkable Spensers ; Stephen's ' A World of Wonders ' ; and some scarce and early Swinburnes. Mr. Francis Edwards sends a catalogue of topo- graphical books and prints, including many relat- ing to London and its vicinity, among which are Wilkinson's 'Londina Illustrata,' Blomefield's 'Norfolk,' Blakeway's 'Shropshire,' Aekermann's 'Oxford University,' Collinson's 'Somerset,' Bray- ley and Britton's 'Surrey, 5 Dugdale's 'Warwick- shire,' Whitaker's ' Richmondshire,' and Billings's 'Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Scot- land,' large paper ; the original water-colour views of Clark of the towns of Scotland, eighteen of the forty-six having never been published ; a similar collection of thirty-seven engravings, coloured in imitation of the original water-colours ; T. Jones's 'Brecknock' ; a ' Historise Catholics Iberniae Com- pendium,' Lisbon, 1621, one of the rarest books on Irish history; a 'Complete Peerage,' in 8 vols., by G. E. Cokayne ; a chained book of 1491 ; a Creigh- ton's ' History of the Papacy,' and many others.

Messrs. Henry Sotheran & Co. announce a set in parts of 'Biologia Centrali-Americana,' from the beginning to September, 1899 ; some other remark- able Americana ; three fine Biblical MSS. of the thirteenth century ; an extra-illustrated Burnet's 'History of hisOwn Time'; a!477 'DivinaCommedia,' Vindelin de Spira ; a MS. of the Liturgical Gospels, twelfth to thirteenth century; a Humboldt's ' Voyage aux Regions Equinoxiales,' 18 vols., plates mostly coloured by hand ; a Lodge's ' Portraits,' with proof impressions, 1821-34 ; and many very interesting sporting collections.

Mr. James Wilson, of Birmingham, makes a special offer of an illustrated Victor Hugo.

Mr. Thomas Thorp, of Reading, advertises a Kelmscott Chaucer, one of the rarest and most priceless books of the collection ; a Pyne's ' Royal Residences,' and a large collection of beautiful mezzo- tints.

Mr. W. T. Spencer's most interesting lots are, as usual, under Dickens, Rossetti, Ruskin, and other recent celebrities. The catalogue contains, how- ever, a collection of coloured portraits of artists, believed to be unique and priced 90.

Messrs. W. N. Pitcher & Co., of Cross Street, Manchester, announce at a price comparatively cheap a Payne's ' Arabian Nights,' which, though in less demand, is better, as more readable, than that of Burton. A Fagan's ' Bartolozzi,' one of a hundred copies, repays attention, as do a large- paper ' Hours of Idleness,' first edition ; an extra- illustrated ' Letters and Journals of Byron ' ; a set

of Manchester playbills ; a Pierce Egan's ' Real Life in London,' first edition ; H. B.'s ' Political Sketches,' complete set ; Houbraken and Vertue's ' Heads of Illustrious Persons ' ; a large - paper Neale's 'Views of Seats of Noblemen and Gentle- men'; "The Waverley Novels," large paper, Border edition ; a Vale Press Shakespeare ; and a Whitaker's ' Leeds.'

Mr. Alexander Macphail, of Edinburgh, among his books mentions an interesting Jacobite relic.

Messrs. A. Maurice & Co. possess an extra-illus- trated Hamilton's 'Grammont'; aBirrell's 'Hazlitt,' also extra - illustrated ; a Twiss's 'Eldon' and a Forster's ' Goldsmith,' each with added portraits ; a Croker's ' Boswell's Johnson,' enlarged to fifteen volumes ; complete works of Lamartine ; some rare Rowlandson works ; some of Morris's books on birds ; and a first issue of ' Vanity Fair,' by Thackeray.

In their Catalogue CCCXL. Messrs. Henry Young & Sons announce a superb large - paper ' Fables Nouvelles ' of Dorat, first edition, in a Bedford binding, with rubricated title, indispensable in this masterpiece of eighteenth-century engraving ; a Gotch's 'Architecture of the Renaissance'- a Bacon's ' Wisdome of the Ancients,' 1619 ; some few Bewicks ; a Byron's ' Childe Harold,' illustrated by Finden ; a Chaucer, n.d. (qy. 1550?), from the Duke of Sussex's library; a Camden's 'Britannia,' 1806; some scarce Cruikshanks; the Didot miniature Homer and Virgil ; a Lodge's ' Portraits,' first edition ; and several rare Spencers.

Mr. Wm. Brown, of Edinburgh, offers an uncut first ' Vathek '; the Duchesse de Berry's copy of the ' Henriade,' 1825, bound by Simier ; Blake, the 1884- 1886 reproduction; Boccaccio's 'Decameron,' first English translation, both parts, 1625-20 ; an extra- illustrated Burnet, from the Battle Abbey collec- tion ; Pierce Egan's ' Anecdotes,' illustrated by Lane, first edition ; some valuable Dibdins ; Gay's 4 Fables,' first edition of both volumes ; Horace Walpole's edition of Grammont; Gray's 'Works,' Mitford's copy with MS. memoranda and a note by Gray ; a Recueil Complet of the Musee Francais ; the Percy Society publications ; a unique collection of works on roses ; some Scott items, including Scott's own copy of the Latin grammar ; Shelley's ' Laon and Cythna,' 1818 ; and many in- teresting autograph letters and MSS.


We must call special attention to the following notices :

ON all communications must be written the name and address of the sender, not necessarily for pub- lication, but as a guarantee of good faith.

WE cannot undertake to answer queries privately.

F. DE L. ("Easter Day and the Full Moon"). Already explained at p. 182.

J. A. ("What is a Billion ?"). Consult MB. MoTEAR's article in the present number.

CORRIGENDUM. Ante, p. 330, col. 2, 1. 18 from bottom, for "friend" read priest.


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